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WoW Farming Locations (Classic - WoTLK 1 - 60)

This page contains every Farming Location that I have for Classic World of Warcraft. Not only do I have locations which will net you a lot of gold per hour but I have also covered every rare Enchant, Alchemy Recipe, Tailoring Recipe yadda yadda. Basically anything and everything you'd ever need a farming guide for can be found on this page. Each of these locations are part of the game until the Cataclysm expansion at which point the entire world is changed and the locations on this page are no longer relevant.

I've organized the locations on this page by the sort of items that you can farm at them. Cloth, Skinning, Mining, Herbalism and Other. Under Other you'll find Elemental reagents, Essences and Tradeskill Recipe Patterns along with every location that doesn't fit into another one of the categories.


Highest Gold Per Hour Farming Location: It depends on your server. To determine the best location for you, look up the main items that drop at each location to see what is most in demand on your server. If Larval Acid is selling for a lot, farm that. If Guardian Stones are selling for a lot, farm them. Use your best judgment, gathering professions will very highly supplement your income.


Runecloth Farming Locations

Azshara Blood Elves
Azshara Satyrs
Burning Steppes Blackrock Orcs
Deadwind Pass Ogres
Deadwind Pass Undead in Karazhan
Eastern Plaguelands - Tyr's Hand
Western Plaguelands Andorhal
Felwood Satyrs (Felcloth & Runecloth) - Old Pictures
Western Plaguelands Felstone Field (Lower level mobs)
Silithus Twilight Text & Runecloth Farming - Added Phase 4


Wool Cloth Farming Locations (Out of date/Old Pictures 12/8/19)

(Alliance) Duskwood Ogres
(Alliance) Duskwood Worgen
(Level 60 - Alliance) Stockades - Instance
(Alliance) Kurzen Compound in STV
(Alliance) Dragonmaw in Wetlands
(Level 60) Shadowfang Keep - Instance
Stonetalon Mountains Kobolds
Thistlefur Furbolgs in Ashenvale
Stonetalon Mountains Harpies


Silk Cloth Farming Locations (Semi Out of Date/Being Updated)

(Level 60) Razorfen Downs
(Level 60) Razorfen Kraul
(Level 60) Scarlet Monastery: Armory
(Level 60) Scarlet Monastery: Library
(Level 60) Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral


Mageweave Cloth Farming Locations

Hinterlands Elite Trolls (Jintha'alor)
Tanaris Elite Trolls (Outside Zul'farrak) - Out of Date
Tanaris Dunemaul Compound
Tanaris Pirates
Felwood - Southern Furbolgs
Felwood - Southern Satyrs


Thorium Ore Farming Locations

Silithus Farming Routes
Un'goro Crater Farming Routes
Winterspring Farming Routes
Burning Steppes Farming Routes
Eastern Plaguelands Farming Routes


Mithril Ore Farming Locations

Badlands Mithril Farming Routes
Tanaris Mithril Farming Routes


Herbalism Farming Locations

Stranglethorn Vale - Stranglekelp Farming - Out of Date
SM Cathedral - Goldthorn Farming - Old Pictures
Burning Steppes Herbalism Farming Route
Eastern Plaguelands Herbalism Farming Route
Winterspring Herbalism Farming Route


"Other" Farming Locations

Ashenvale Crawler & Clam Meat

Azshara Golden Pearl Farming

Burning Steppes Chest Farming Guide

Deviate Fish

Elemental Fire Farming Locations

Essence of Air Farming Location

Essence of Fire Farming Locations

Essence of Water Farming Locations

Essence of Earth Farming Locations

Eye of Shadow Farming Guide

Hinterlands Golden Pearl Farming

Living Essence Farming Locations

Larval Acid Farming in EPL

Small Egg Farming Locations

Scarlet Monastery Small Radiant Shard Farming

Spider Silk (Low Level Farming)

Un'goro Crater - Stone Guardian Farming

Westfall - Crawler & Clam Meat Farming Location
- Both meats are used in Cooking; only profitable for very low level Alliance players looking to make a quick buck.

Winterspring Frostmauls & Shardtooth E'ko Farming

Winterspring Furbolg Farming

Winterspring Owlbeast Farming


Tradeskill Recipe Farming Locations:

Enchant Weapon: Crusader

Enchant Weapon: Lifestealing

Enchant Weapon: Icy Chill

Enchant 2H Weapon: Superior Impact

Enchant Bracer: Superior Strength

Enchant Bracer: Greater Intellect

Enchant Chest: Major Mana

Enchant Cloak: Greater Resistance

Enchant Gloves: Greater Agility

Enchant Gloves: Greater Strength

Enchant Shield: Superior Spirit

Greater Shadow Protection Potion Recipe

Greater Nature Protection Potion Recipe

Greater Arcane Protection Potion Recipe

Greater Fire Protection Potion Recipe

Greater Frost Protection Potion Recipe

Mighty Rage Potion Recipe


Vanity Pet Farming Locations

Crimson Whelpling Farming Guide

Dark Whelpling Farming Guide

Disgusting Oozeling Farming Guide

Emerald Whelpling Farming Guide

Hyacinth Macaw Farming Guide

Sprite Darter Egg Farming Guide