WoW Farming Locations (Classic - WoTLK 1 - 60)

This page contains every Farming Location that I have for Classic World of Warcraft. Each of these locations are part of the game until the Cataclysm expansion at which point the entire world is changed and the locations on this page are no longer relevant.

I've organized the locations on this page by the sort of items that you can farm at them. Cloth, Skinning, Mining, Herbalism, Other and Best are the six different categories - every one except for Best contains locations specific to that category. Best contains all of the best farming locations in Classic WoW (meaning most gold per hour/easiest gold per hour).


Best GPH Farming Locations:

Felwood Satyrs (Felcloth & Runecloth)
Azshara Satyrs (Felcloth & Runecloth)
Azshara Blood Elfs (Runecloth)
Deadwind Pass Ogres
Deadwind Pass Undead
Western Plaguelands Andorhal


Runecloth Farming Locations

Azshara Blood Elves
Burning Steppes Blackrock Orcs
Deadwind Pass Ogres
Deadwind Pass Undead in Karazhan
Western Plaguelands Andorhal
Felwood Satyrs (Felcloth & Runecloth)
Western Plaguelands Felstone Field (Lower level mobs)
Silithus Twilight Text & Runecloth Farming


Wool Cloth Farming Locations

(Alliance) Duskwood Ogres
(Alliance) Duskwood Worgen
(Alliance) Stockades - Instance
(Alliance) Kurzen Compound in STV
(Alliance) Dragonmaw in Wetlands
Shadowfang Keep - Instance
Stonetalon Mountains Kobolds
Thistlefur Furbolgs in Ashenvale
Stonetalon Mountains Harpies


Silk Cloth Farming Locations

Razorfen Downs
Razorfen Kraul
Scarlet Monastery: Armory
Scarlet Monastery: Library
Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral


Mageweave Cloth Farming Locations

Hinterlands Elite Trolls (Jintha'alor)
Tanaris Elite Trolls (Outside Zul'farrak)


Thorium Ore Farming Locations

Silithus Farming Routes
Un'goro Crater Farming Routes
Winterspring Farming Routes


Mithril Ore Farming Locations



Herbalism Farming Locations

Stranglekelp Farming in STV
Goldthorn Farming in SM Cathedral


"Other" Farming Locations

Crawler & Clam Meat (Low Level Farm)
Crimson Whelpling
Deviate Fish
Disgusting Oozeling
Westfall Crawler Meat
Hycanith Macaw
Leaping Hatchling
Small Egg Farming Locations
Scarlet Monastery Small Radiant Shard Farming
Spider Silk (Low Level Farming)
Winterspring Owlbeast Farming
Silithus Twilight Text & Runecloth Farming







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