Azshara Runecloth Farming at Blood Elves (Classic - WoTLK)

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The Blood Elves in Azshara is one of the oldest and most well known farming locations in Classic WoW. What makes this location stand out is how squishy the blood elves are that spawn here. They have very little HP and Armor which makes them easy picking for any melee DPS classes. Despite being squishy, they aren't total pushovers. They're all casters so expect some heavy hits when you don't resist their spells.

Throughout the course of an hour here you will collect at least 4 - 5 stacks of Runecloth as well as 3 - 4 greens. I highly recommend you disenchant the greens that you find here or have someone disenchant them for you. The Illusion Dust and Greater Eternal Essences sell for A LOT on the Auction House (typically for more than the greens vendor for).

In addition to the blood elves in northern Azshara you can also find multiple camps of Satyrs which are scattered around the same area as the blood elves. These Satyrs are just as squishy as the blood elves and are pretty much farmed equally as much. Depending on how many people are camping the blood elves, it may be best for you to rotate between the camps so you have more spawns.

While running between the Satyr and Blood Elf camps you'll have the opportunity to find herbs and mines which will boost your gold per hour too. Herbalists will find Dreamfoil, Sungrass, Mountain Silversage, Golden Sansam and Khadgar's Whisker throughout the area and Purple Lotus at the Satyr Camps.

Those of you with Mining will find Mithril Ore, Small Thorium and even a Rich Thorium Vein if you get lucky enough. Also while you're here you will want to keep a look out for any Solid Chests. There are a few different places throughout the Blood Elf and Satyr camps that they can spawn, just keep an eye out and you'll eventually see one.

I have one additional tip which will be extra useful if you're one of the two gathering professions. To the west of the Blood Elf and Satyr camps you'll find multiple camps of Timbermaw Furbolgs. If you're Neutral or higher with them, when you open the Solid Chests in their camps, they will not attack you.


Items of Interest


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Major Healing Potion

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