Scarlet Monastery Small Radiant Shard Farming (Classic - WoTLK)

Small Radiant Shard Farming

Small Radiant Shards are used in two popular enchants at level 60, Minor Speed to Boots and Fiery Weapon. Minor Speed to boots is arguably the best enchant you can get on your boots and Fiery Weapon is one of if not the most popular twink enchant. Due to how often this item is consumed by players, its value will only increase with time and as more gear is added/phases are released.

All three wings of Scarlet Monastery will net you a Small Radiant Shard when you disenchant the loot that you get, however you're only guaranteed two blues in Scarlet Monastery Cathedral. For some classes, or people in poor gear, SM Cath will probably be too difficult for you, in which case Armory is a better alternative than Library.

Physical damage dealers (Rogues, Hunters, Warriors etc) will have the easiest time farming in Scarlet Monastery, as will most Mages and Warlocks. Most other classes and specs will have a difficult time in Cathedral especially, but should be able to handle the easier ones.

If you're a Herbalist in addition to an Enchanter you'll be able to make some extra money while farming Scarlet Monastery. Out of all three instances, Cathedral will get you the best herbs with Goldthorn. Not only is Goldthorn required for leveling Herbalism, the best agility pots in the game use this herb. Below is a list of the different herbs that you should expect to find inside of each instance.

For more information about farming Goldthorn in SM Cathedral I recommend you check out my SM Cath Goldthorn Farming Video or the guide I have about Goldthorn Farming in SM Cath. This instance is actually the best location in the game for you to farm this herb.

SM Cathedral Herbs: Liferoot, Goldthorn

SM Armory Herbs: Fadeleaf

SM Library Herbs: Fadeleaf, Liferoot

Depending on which of the three instances you farm and your class, the amount of gold you make her hour will fluctuate a lot.


Items of Interest

Small Radiant Shard

Mageweave Cloth

Silk Cloth

Valuable Herbs

Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade (SM Armory)









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