Wool Cloth Stonetalon Mountains Farming Guide (Classic - WoTLK)

Another good location for Horde players to farm Wool Cloth is at the Windshear Kobolds in Stonetalon Mountains. The Windshear Kobolds are in the northeastern section of the zone, just northeast of Krom'gar Fortress. The kobolds you will be killing are on the outside of the Windshear mine as well as on the inside. There may not seem like a lot of them on the outside but once you step into the mine you will realize that there are tons of Kobolds to kill.

On the outside of the mine you will find quite a few herbs to pick and maybe a copper or tin mine here and there. The inside of the mine is where most of your mining profit will come from if you have mining. Usually a good path that I have found is to just kill all the kobolds on the outside and then kill your way through the mine until you wrap back around to the outside. As a miner you may want to just hang out on the inside and as a herbalist you may want to just hang out on the outside to make the most profit.


Items of Interest:

Linen Cloth

Wool Cloth

Silk Cloth

Low Level Greens

Low Level Herbs (If you have herbalism)

Low Level Ore (If you have mining)










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