Silk Cloth Farming in Razorfen Downs (Classic - WoTLK)

Razorfen Downs is a great place for you to farm both Silk Cloth and Mageweave Cloth. The mobs drop slightly more Silk but you most certainly will get Mageweave here, usually around 10 per run so it surely isn't worth farming here specifically for Mageweave. Most of the crap in this instance I recommend skipping, like the gong boss as well as the skeleton boss and the escort since doing them won't reward as much Silk as just following the path I use in the video will.

Unlike Razorfen Kraul, there are no mines in Razorfen Down. However, there are a ton of different and valuable herbs that you will want to keep an eye out for if you have herbalism. Arthas' Tears spawns throughout Razorfen Downs as well as Goldthorn (which sells for a ton) and Grave Moss as well which doesn't really sell for as much as the other two but is nice anyway. As far as chests go, you will find numerous chests throughout Razorfen Downs.

The most common location that I can tell you where chests are is the last little bit of the instance where you are circling the mound in the center. As you are going up the mound there will be little huts scattered along the way, generally there are at least two chests spawned in them at any given time. If you are unsure of what I am talking about just take a look at my video on this location (below) I grab both of the chests in the video.

Items of Interest

Silk Cloth

Mageweave Cloth

Arthas' Tears


Grave Moss





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