Crawler Meat Farming Location in Westfall (Classic-WoTLK)

Farming for Crawler Meat in Westfall is a very good way to make money at the lower levels as Alliance. The Sand Crawlers that drop the Crawler Meat are only level 14 and have very low hit points. Crawler Meat can be sold on the Auction House (Horde or Alliance) for a decent amount of money (at this level). The amount you can sell it for will change depending on the era of WoW you're reading this in.

Depending on your level you could very easily one shot every one of the Sand Crawlers and quickly loot all of them with zero downtime. Crawler Meat is used in raising Cooking and sells well on the Auction House because many people are too lazy to farm the materials themselves and would rather just buy them. Depending on the population of your server I would recommend checking to see if any Crawler Meat is already on the Auction House and for how much before coming here to farm. If you're on a high population server, chances are it is much more in demand than a low population server.


The main factor in determining how much gold you will make an hour here is your level and how fast you can loot. Since the Sand Crawlers respawn instantly you won't even remotely have to worry about spawn times. And since the higher level you are the faster you can kill them, the higher level you are the more money you will make here. Obviously that becomes un-true at some point since you can't do more than one shot them, but you get my point.

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