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Winterspring Thorium Ore Farming (Classic - WotLK)

Winterspring is another amazing location when it comes to farming Thorium Ore. All around the edges of Winterspring you will find Small Thorium Deposits as well as Rich Thorium Deposits as well as an occasional Truesilver Vein, all of which are worth stopping for. I have found that it is best to start in the eastern section of Winterspring by the Winterfall camp. From here you just fly around the edges of the zone and collect all of the Thorium as you go. Generally in a single cycle around the zone you will be able to get 5 to 6 stacks of Thorium as well as quite a few rare gems which will double your profits.

Much like farming Thorium in the other zones, Winterspring can support multiple players at once, and does so quite well. In the far western section of the zone, just southwest of Everlook you will find a Yeti cave. Now there is some Thorium in here but since the zone is so big and it respawns so fast I honestly can't recommend wasting time running through the cave for 3-4 nodes where you could get double outside in the same amount of time.

Winterspring Thorium Ore Farming Path

Winterspring Thorium Ore Farming Route

If you want to maximize your profit from farming here be sure to watch my video! Learning where all the nodes are and how to fly around Winterspring to make sure you get a good chance to see them all is very important. For example, in the southern part of Winterspring you will have Frostwhisper Gorge, which you have to fly over in a unique way in order for all of the veins to pop up on your minimap. I would try to explain it but it is difficult to explain. Once you complete the path just fly back north to the starting point and restart it if you would like to continue for more Thorium Ore.


Items of Interest

Thorium Ore

Dense Stone

Arcane Crystal

Huge Emerald

Azerothian Diamond

Large Opal

Blue Sapphire

Star Ruby

Mithril Ore

Solid Stone

Truesilver Ore








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