Wool Cloth Farming in Shadowfang Keep (Classic - WoTLK)

Shadowfang Keep is another great instance for farming some Wool Cloth. Here you will find an abundance of mobs which all have a good chance to drop some Wool. As with Stockades you will generally get 3-4 stacks per run, however I will admit SFK doesn't have as many mobs in it as Stockades does nor are they as close together. However, it is a lot easier for Horde to access (and alliance can get here pretty easy too). As a nice segway into where SFK is, if you didn't know it is located in southern Silverpine Forest.

Shadowfang Keep is home to mostly undead mobs, therefore Paladin's won't have much difficulty breezing through the instance. Also most of the mobs are jam packed together so they will be easy to AoE down (except the ones that are in the courtyard, I recommend Line of sighting them to get them all clumped up to AoE down). A good piece of advice, if you're just here for Wool Cloth and not for the achievement of completing the instance you may want to stop at the second to last boss and go back and reset the instance. Past him there isn't many mobs for you to kill that will have any Wool on them.

Note: When clearing SFK be sure to kill all the trash before killing the next boss in line. If you kill the boss while trash is alive it will vanish! This means any Wool they may have dropped will go with them!

Items of Interest:

Linen Cloth

Wool Cloth

Assorted Greens









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