The Feast of the Winter Veil - Small Eggs

           The Feast of the Winter Veil brings one of the greatest money making opportunities of any of the holidays. During The Feast of the Winter Veil players will be making many Gingerbread Cookies and their main ingrediant is, *drum roll* Small Eggs! The best approach you can take is before Christmas farm a CRAP TON of Small Eggs. The first day of The Feast of the Winter Veil will be your biggest day of profit. Generally you can sell the small eggs for 1 - 2g each!

           Depending on what faction you are will determine the best possible place for you to farm for Small Eggs. At first Alliance was the only faction with a good farming location, then with the introduction of The Burning Crusade Horde got the best farming location for Small Eggs. The Alliance's location is in Darkshore while the Horde's location is in Eversong Woods. Of course, as Alliance you could come to Eversong Woods to farm and be perfectly ok. But beware, on a high pop server there is a good chance your presence here could result in death.

           As a side note, you may want to take the initiative to come out here before the holiday season even starts. If you stock up on Small Eggs, even a small amount you will see how much of an initial profit you will make the first day of The Feast of the Winter Veil. People will go crazy for Small Eggs on the first day and pay probably up to 5 - 7g per 5 ! If you stock up on Small Eggs before the holiday season rolls around I can guarantee that it will be a merry one!




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Best Place for Horde to Farm Small Eggs (Eversong Woods)

           The Feral Dragonhawk Hatchlings and the Crazed Dragonhawks have the best chance for dropping Small Eggs in the game, making this the best farming location for your holiday season preperation. The drop rate of Small Eggs from the Dragonhawks is nearly 100% and they sometimes even drop two a kill! The Dragonhawks can be found all around the northern quadrent of Eversong Woods. The best place to farm them is to the west of The Dead Scar. Over here is where you will find the most Dragonhawks per-square-foot, so to speak.

           Since this area is where you will find the most Dragonhawks of course it will be the area with the most people. If you farm for Small Eggs before The Feast of the Winter Veil you probably will find one other person here, tops and that is if you're on a densly populated realm. Almost no one takes the initiative to farm before the actual holiday and even less people care to farm for them after the Holiday starts. What I am getting at is, take some initiative and farm here before the actual holiday starts. You won't be dissapointed.

           As a side note, if you're looking for Small Eggs after the holiday season has already started your best bet is to focus on the blue circles around the map more so than the one just to the west of The Dead Scar. These will be the least populated areas and the best areas for you to farm for Small Eggs during the holiday season.

Small Egg Farming Location:

Small Egg Farming Video:

Best Place for Alliance Players to Farm for Small Eggs (Darkshore)

           The Moonkin in Darkshore is the closest and best Small Egg farming location to an Alliance town. The moonkin here don't have nearly as good of a drop rate on Small Eggs as the Dragonhawks in Eversong Woods but chances are a lot less people will be here. Also if you're Alliance and feeling extra lazy, it will be a much closer run than flying to Zul'aman/Eastern Plaguelands and running north. As with the Dragonhawks as well, there isn't much of value that will come from here aside from the Small Eggs so I wouldn't even bother looting anything but them. Everything else will just take up your precious inventory space.

           Also as an additional note, if you're an Alliance player and looking to farm for Small Eggs in Eversong, be sure to lay low and not cause too much trouble. Ganking people and running around where level 80 Horde could see you is a bad thing. It result in your name being called out in general with your location and eventually result in your death. Or if you're good, it will result in an inconvience of having to kill people coming to kill you.

Small Egg Farming Video:

Items of Interest

Small Egg

Super Low Level Vendor Trash (if you even want to loot it)





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