Wool & Silk Cloth Farming Location in STV (Classic - WoTLK)

A great place for both factions to farm Wool Cloth is at the Kurzen Compound in Northern Stranglethorn Vale. Here there is a abundance of humanoid mobs for players to kill, some of them are spaced out and some of them are clustered together in beautiful AoE packs. While here herbalists and miners can also rejoice because there will be plenty of both around to make some extra dough while you're here. In addition to herbs and mines you will also be able to find a few different locations where chests can spawn here which will contain other yummy goodies.

If you manage to clear the entire compound to the east you will find a cave (which is abundant with mines for any miners). Inside of the mine you will also find a ton more Kurzen NPCs for you to kill. Pretty much regardless of whatever level you are you can never run out of mobs at this camp. Just clear the outside then the inside and keep an eye out for any chests that spawn within the encampment.


Items of Interest:

Linen Cloth

Wool Cloth

Silk Cloth

Low Level Greens

Low Level Herbs (If you have herbalism)

Low Level Ore (If you have mining)








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