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Winterfall Furbolg Farming Guide (Classic - WoTLK)

Winterfall Village

Arguably the most well known farming location in all of Winterspring is the Winterfall Furbolgs. There is a large village of Winterfall Furbolgs (pictured above) in the eastern portion of the zone right next to the town of Everlook. In the village of furbolgs you'll find roughly a dozen to two dozen enemies in and surrounding the village.

In addition to Winterfall Village, you can also hunt Winterfall Furbolgs in the western portion of the zone, there are three smaller camps over here that have furbolgs at them too. All three of these locations are marked on my map below for anyone who wants a better idea of where they are all located.

There are about half a dozen different reasons that people farm these furbolgs but to start; they drop Runecloth and are they're extremely squishy and in their mid 50s. Each time you defeat one of the regular furbolgs you'll also get 5 reputation with Timbermaw Hold, this is the main reason that people choose to farm these furbolgs,

Timbermaw Hold Reputation is one of the few reputation grind in Classic WoW and it'll reward the player with high level Enchanting Recipes such as Strength and Agility to weapon. It also has some Alchemy Transmutations and other goodies that don't require any Professions.

Winterfall Furbolg Map Locations

Winterfall PathfinderWinterfall Den Watcher

As far as loot goes, there is actually a ton that these furbolgs drop which you can sell on the Auction House. You'll find a complete list of all the valuable loot they drop in the Items of Interest section at the bottom of the page, for now I am going to go over a few of the high value items.

First and most importantly, make sure you have the Cache of Mau'ari in your inventory every single time you farm these enemies. Without this item no Winterfall E'ko will drop which will dramatically decrease your gold per hour. The Winterfall E'ko is turned in for Juju Might which is an item that increases your strength by 30 for 30minutes. This buff stacks with literally every other buff in the game which makes it an insanely valuable raid consumable, hence why it sells for a lot.

The Winterfall Furbolgs also drop Winterfall Firewater, a consumable that increases your attack power and size. This consumable also stacks with all other buffs in the game which means it's valuable amongst raiders who like popping consumables. Additionally, due to this items rarity and the fact that it's used often, it'll always be valuable on your server and a fast seller on the Auction House.

Players with the Mining or Herbalism gathering Professions will be able to make even more gold while farming the Winterfall Furbolgs. Skinners won't benefit that much since you can't skin the furbolgs and there are seldom ever animals wandering through the camps. Below are the different herbs and ores that you can expect to find while farming in Winterspring.

Mines in Winterspring: Rich Thorium Vein, Small Thorium Vein, Mithril Deposit

Herbs in Winterspring: Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Icecap, Black Lotus


Items of Interest:

Winterfall E'ko (Requires Cache of Mau'ari)

Winterfall Firewater

Winterfall Spirit Beads (Turn in for Timbermaw Reputation)


Icecap/Dreamfoil/Mountain Silversage

Thorium Ore + Arcane Crystal/other gems

Mithril Ore