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Deadwind Pass Undead Farming Location (Classic - WotLK)


During Classic WoW one of the most unknown and best locations for you to farm is the undead enemies in Deadwind Pass. Most people know about the Deadwind Pass Ogres but the undead in this same zone rarely get the attention they deserve. To reach the location I am talking about on this page you'll want to head into the cellars at the southern most end of Deadwind Pass.

Technically in the southern portion of the zone there are two cellars which you can enter, both of which lead to their own unique cave system and don't connect with each other. Each of these cellars have the same enemies inside of them so it really doesn't matter which you enter. The one that appears more like a cave and less like a cellar has enemies that are much more spaced out, however. If that interests you, then you may want to choose that one.

In the video below I visit the cellar that has more enemies packed together as this location gets better and better the more gear you get and I prefer it over the spaced out cave area.

As you could already imagine the biggest money makers at this location will be the Runecloth as well as any gray or green drops that you get. Since these enemies are so high level they have a chance of dropping many of the rarest epic items in the game, such as Alcor's Sunrazor.




Loot Table:


Vendor Trash








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