Runecloth Farming at Felstone Field (Classic - WoTLK)

Felstone Field Map Location

Felstone Field was another one of my favorite farming locations back at level 60. With how many mobs are at this field and how weak they are I could farm for hours with now down time at all. All of the mobs here are in their low 50s, which means you will absolutely tear them up if you're around level 60. The speed at which you kill them will be so fast, since they are so weak, its similar to farming level 57 or higher mobs. Another bonus for farming here is that many low level players come here to do their Western Plaguelands quests. So if you like being a total douche and ganking people, this spot is for you!

Aside from the steady income of Runecloth, greys and greens; Felstone Field is also great because of how peaceful it is to farm here. It is very rare to have a higher level player come in and mow you over and it is even harder for you to die here. Since the mobs are all so much lower level than you, you barely have to even try when farming here.

Now if you're a Herbalist you luck out even more while farming here since you will be able to gather very valuable herbs from the surrounding area. Around Felstone Field you will find Plaguebloom, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage and even some Golden Sansam. Each of these herbs will help add in to your total profit by a large amount.

The final bonus to farming here is that you can also get reputation with The Argent Dawn while doing it. If you wear the Insignia that they give you then you will be able to collect Minion's Scourgestones as well as an Invader's Scourgestone every once in awhile too. Both of these stones can be turned into an Argent Dawn NPC in either Western Plaguelands or Eastern Plaguelands for reputation and XP.



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