Burning Steppes Herbalism Farming Route (Classic - WoTLK)

Burning Steppes Herbalism and Mining Route

Burning Steppes is one of the high level zones that you can practice Herbalism in with a chance of a Black Lotus spawning. Due to this, it makes it one of the better high level zones to gather in. Another thing that makes Burning Steppes great, which I talk about on the Mining Burning Steppes Guide as well... Is that this zone is very small which means it doesn't take very long to traverse and maybe this is just my personal bias, but I always felt like that plays a role in how much you find here.

In addition to the gathering you can do with Herbalism and Mining here - Burning Steppes is unique in that you can also farm the Solid Chests in this zone too. On my map above you'll see a bunch of blue circles, each of these locations is an elite dragon camp which you can find a Solid Chest at.

The chests throughout this zone are so common, I have a whole guide dedicated to just farming them, Burning Steppes Chest Farming Guide. I strongly recommend that while you're running around collecting herbs/mines in this zone you also farm the Solid Chests that you find. It'll increase your overall gold per hour.
















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