Runecloth Farming at the Ogres in Deadwind Pass (Classic - WoTLK)

The Deadwind Pass Ogres are one of the oldest and most noteable farming locations. During the original Classic WoW this place was almost perma camped by Chinese gold farmers and regular ol' gold farmers like me and you. So many people like this location because of how squishy the ogre enemies are here. A Rogue, Hunter or Warrior is able to tear through them in just a few seconds meaning faster (and arguably more enjoyable) farming for most people.

Another reason that I prefer this location over other farming areas is because no Alliance or Horde quests ever bring you here. This typically means that the Deadwind Ogres farming location sees less traffic than the majority of other farming locations in the game.

There is one reason to come here though and that's for the Enchant Bracer - Superior Strength recipe which only drops from one enemy in the entire game, the Deadwind Warlocks. This recipe is a best in slot enchant for Fury Warriors and Feral Druids but out of all the BiS enchants, a lot of people don't know about this one which makes it really under farmed.

Ogres Map Location

The main sources of money from this location are going to be the raw silver drops as well as the Runecloth, chests and any other gray items from the Ogres. I'd highly recommend disenchanting the greens you get into either Illusion Dust or Greater Eternal Essences as they'll typically sell for more than the green. Unless it's a green weapon that vendors for 3g+ then I typically Disenchant it.

You can also occasionally find herbs and mines in the area but they're less common than in other locations. Last but not least, keep an eye out for any chests that spawn throughout the area. They typically spawn underneath the tents in the outside portion of this area.


Loot Table:


Mithril Ore

Vendor Trash

Enchant Bracers - Superior Strength
This item is a BiS enchant and only drops from Deadwind Warlocks.











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