Blackrock Orcs Runecloth Farming Location (Classic - WoTLK)

Another great farming location for around level 60 is the Burning Steppes Blackrock Orcs. These orcs were almost on perma farm back at level 60 because of how good they were for farming. Back in classic WoW the chinese farmers had this location and many others on lock down because of how much gold it made. The orcs drop many valueable items and in large amounts, such as Runecloth, potions and grey items. Runecloth will be one of your main money makers by farming here but you'll also stock up on grey items rather quickly.

You will also find many chest spawns in this area. Really anywhere you can find orcs or even the Dragonkin you will find a chest. Chests contain many different types of loot, usually a green item and some extra silver. Finding one could land you with a valueable herb and some ore for the Auction House. Also, along those same lines if you have Herbalism or Mining you will be in luck out here. There are dozens of Thorium Deposits all throughout the zone as well as dozens of different herb nodes.

Herbalists will find many Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Golden Sansam and other nodes. On a closing note, the orcs also drop Dark Iron Scraps in large amounts which you may be able to sell on the Auction House or just vendor for a half way decent amount.

Items of Interest


Bulky Maw

Dark Iron Scraps


Dreamfoil (From Herbalism or chests)

Mountain Silversage (From Herbalism or chests)









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