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Blackrock Orcs Runecloth Farming Location (Classic - WoTLK)

Blackrock SlayerBlackrock Warlock

Another great farming location for around level 60 is the Burning Steppes Blackrock Orcs. The orcs drop many valueable items such as Runecloth, Major Healing/Mana Potions, a variety of different greens and of course, grey items. Runecloth will be one of your main money makers by farming here but you'll also stock up on grey items which you can vendor rather quickly.

The reason that this location is preferred over other locations this level is because of the density of Orcs as well as how low their armor and HP values are. Classes that deal physical damage like Hunters, Rogues and Warriors will make quick work of the casters here - defeating them in just a few hits (assuming you crit). The Orcs that are sporting plate armor are a little tougher, but not much. In the same zone and even somewhat in the same area, the Ogres in Burning Steppes are equally squishy and equally farmable if you're interested.

Depending on how you typically like to farm determines how you will want to approach this farming location. You can either pick one area and farm there for awhile or jump between each camp and while you're traveling look for Herbs, Mines or Chests, depending on your Professions/interests. Below is a map which details the route/orc camps in Burning Steppes.

Blackrock Orcs Farming Location
Blackrock Orc Camps Map Location.

As aforementioned, you will also find many chest spawns in this area. Really anywhere you find Orcs or Dragonkin spawning, you will find a chest. Also, along those same lines if you have Herbalism or Mining you will be in luck out here. There are dozens of Thorium Deposit spawn locations throughout the zone; that includes Rich Thorium too. Herbalists will be able to find many different types of herbs such as Golden Sansam, Mountain Silversage, Gromsblood, Sungrass, Dreamfoil and even Black Lotus if you're lucky.

On a closing note, some time around the release of Naxxramas the orcs also drop Dark Iron Scraps in large amounts which you may be able to sell on the Auction House or just vendor for a half way decent amount. These items are used in some of the quests that aren't released until later in the game when Naxxramas is released.


Items of Interest


Bulky Maw

Dark Iron Scraps

Recipe: Mighty Rage Potion (Blackrock Slayers)


Dreamfoil (From Herbalism or chests)

Mountain Silversage (From Herbalism or chests)









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