Scarlet Monastery Library Silk Cloth Farming

           Scarlet Monastery Library is the first and easiest of the Scarlet Monasterys to farm Silk Cloth in. It is not uncommon for you to find Wool Cloth here as well as Silk Cloth since the mobs are on the border in levels for both. Much like the other Scarlet Monastery areas you will find quite a few of goodies to gather here, only herbalism materials though, no mines. In the courtyard you will find some Fadeleaf and where Houndmaster Loksey spawns you will find Liferoot. I usually just skip over both the herbs since they don't sell for crap.

           If you're a skinner though you will make a decent profit just from skinning the different hounds throughout the courtyard. The lower level leather sells for quite a bit through the Auction House. Also something I noticed while farming is that the mobs have a tendancy to leash at really close distances. This means you won't be able to pull that much of the instance with one go, you should just take it slow, one hallway and one room at a time.

           Besides the goody Herbalism stuff there is also a few chests in the instance. There is one chest in the second hallway of the instance just off the end of it and you can find another occasional chest amongst the hallways towards the end of the instance. You can see the location of the chests in the video that I made. Usually they are locked but it doesn't hurt to check to see if they are.

Scarlet Monastery Library Silk Cloth Farming Video:

Items of Interest

Wool Cloth

Silk Cloth

Heavy Leather

Medium Leather







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