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Burning Steppes Chest Farming Guide (Classic - WoTLK)

Burning Steppes Solid Chest

Throughout all of Burning Steppes there are elite camps of dragons and at each of these camps theres a rather large chance for a Solid Chest to farm. Typically you're able to defeat one or two dragons then grab the chest before leaving, you don't have to clear the entire camp. This makes "chest farming" possible in this zone.

If you wanted to you could actually do nothing but run around to each elite dragon camp and farm chests - but that wouldn't be that profitable. Instead, this guide is meant to go hand in hand with one of my other Burning Steppes Farming Guides. If you're doing the Blackrock Orc Farming Location or the Dreadmaul Rock Farming Location. Or maybe you're farming Rich Thorium or doing the Burning Steppes Herbalism Farming Route.

While doing any of the aforementioned things in this zone, you'll find value occasionally stopping by the elite dragon camps to see if a Solid Chest has spawned. Grabbing the chests at these camps each time will add to your over all hourly profits quite a bit. It also gives you an excuse to run around and use your gathering profession.

Burning Steppes Elite Dragon Camp Map Locations
Map location of every Elite Dragon camp - click to enlarge the map.

Keep in mind that the only restriction on opening the chests is you can't be in combat. This means that you won't be able to Sap, Blind or Stun the dragons here and open the chests... However you could have someone drag the mobs away and grab the chest before they come back. Or if you wanna be a jerk, grab the chest while someone else is fighting the enemy in the way.

Last but not least, you can also find Solid Chests in the Blackrock Orc Stronghold and Pillar of Ash areas on the map above too, although they're not marked. Both of these locations area talked about in my Burning Steppes Blackrock Orc Farming Location Guide.









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