Owlbeast Farming in Winterspring (Classic - WoTLK)

Note: If you have the Cache of Mau'ari then you'll also find Wildkin E'ko as drops from the Owlbeasts. These are used in the Juju quests and will increase your gold per hour farming the majority of enemies in Winterspring.

The Winterspring Owlbeasts are one of the most well known farming locations in Winterspring, probably in part to the fact that so many people hit 60 while grinding these mobs. You'll find the Owlbeasts directly north of Everlook in the area marked "The Hidden Grove" on your map. There are a couple dozen Owlbeasts here along with multiple different types of Owlbeasts.

What makes these enemies worth farming is how easy they are to defeat as well as how much loot they drop. The Owlbeasts here drop your regular greens and greys but on top of that they also drop Giant Eggs and Ironfeathers. You can sell the Giant Eggs on the Auction House since they're used in the quest to hit 300 Cooking along with some different Cooking recipes, however the Ironfeather is mostly vendor trash. It has uses in Leatherworking but in my personal experience trying to sell it on multiple servers over many years - it never sells on the Auction House.

If you have the Herbalism, Skinning or Mining professions you'll also be able to make extra cash while farming here. Skinners will have to defeat mobs other than the owlbeasts if they want something to skin, but if you have the Cache of Mau'ari then you'll probably be hunting Shardtooth Bears too anyway. Below are the different herbs and ores that you can expect to find while farming in Winterspring.

Mines in Winterspring: Rich Thorium Vein, Small Thorium Vein, Mithril Deposit

Herbs in Winterspring: Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Icecap, Black Lotus


Items of Interest

Thorium Ore

Vendor Trash

Mountain Silversage


Shardtooth E'ko

Wildkin E'ko

Chillwind E'ko








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