Owlbeast Farming in Winterspring (Classic - WoTLK)

The Winterspring Owlbeasts were one of my favorite farming locations around level 60. There are close to one hundred of them far to the north of Everlook and it is very rare to see someone come up here for almost any reason. The Owlbeasts are rather generic mobs. They have a medium amount of armor and a medium amount of health. The good news about them is they drop tons of grey items that add up very quickly at a vendor. Any of the greys you get from here you will want to hold on to until the next time you get to a vendor. (Trust me, the money from the greys adds up!)

If you have skinning there will be really no extra-benefits to this camp but if you have Herbalism or Mining you will be able to almost double your money here from all the herbs and mines that spawn around the camp. You will find some Golden Sansam, Mountain Silversage, Dreamfoil and sometimes a Thorium or even Rich Thorium Deposit around the camp.

Aside from that small amount of information there isn't much more for you to know about the Owlbeasts.

Items of Interest

Thorium Ore

Vendor Trash

Mountain Silversage










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