Runecloth Farming in Andorhal (Classic - WotLK)

Ruins of Andorhal Map Location

Andorhal is another very old school farming location that is great for anyone levels 57 - 60. Here you will find hundreds of undead monsters and at least six or seven different types of enemies. They are all pretty generic, just keep an eye out and double check everything until you learn what is elite and what isn't.

The only type of mob here that will severly hurt you and put you down quickly is the Searing Ghoul. They have a nasty AoE fire spell that will be severly punishing for those who stand too close. The good news about the Searing Ghouls and every other type of mob in this area is that each of them are extremely squishy.

Depending on your level and gear and assuming you're a DPS class, it won't take anything more than even a few hits to take any of the mobs down. Since you are able to take out the mobs so fast the amount of Runecloth you will get at this location is higher than most other players. In addition to the Runecloth you will also find chests scattered all over Andorhal. When you find a chest try to remember where you saw it, so you can check again in the future. Since Andorhal is so big, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a chest up at all times here, the hardest part is finding it!

If you're around level 60 you will need to watch out for Araj and his rag-tag crew in the center of Andorhal. If you accidentally get too close you will immediately have at least 5 different types of elites pounding your face in, which is no fun.

Unlike many of the other farming locations, this one is great for both Herbalists and Miners. All around Andorhal you will be able to find Herb nodes like Plaguebloom, Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, Arthas' Tear and more! As a Miner you will find Mithril Deposits mixed in with some Small Thorium Deposits.


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