Silk Cloth Farming in RFK (Classic - WoTLK)

RFK and RFD Map Location

Razorfen Kraul is the easier of the two Razorfen instances in Southern Barrens. Inside Razorfen Kraul you will find dozens of quilboars all of them with a good chance to drop Silk Cloth as well as an occasional Wool Cloth drop. All of the mobs are fairly easy for you to blast through and easy for you to round up into a big group to AoE down. Just watch my video for the desired path you will want to use to gather a lot of them up without them leashing back to their spawn location.

The very end of Razorfen Kraul where players normally do the escort quest after the final boss is completely pointless to kill if you're just after Silk Cloth since all of the mobs in this area are beasts. At the very end of my video you can see me jump down and kill the few quilboar that are here but right after that the video ends since there is no point in going past that if you are only here for Silk. Of course I recommend doing the escort if you haven't done it and you're a weirdo like me and your OCD demands that you do every single quest ever.

RFK Map for Silk Cloth Farming
Don't go into the tunnels marked red on the map, enemies don't drop Silk Cloth there.

As far as other goodies go inside of here you will find a ton of other goodies for you to collect. Generally a few chests if you get lucky they will spawn on this side of the instance. In addition to the chests you will find an occasional Briarthorn and a Fadeleaf throughout the instance, generally I leave the Fadeleaf where it is but I snatch up the Briarthorn since that actually sells. I will caution though, if the herbs spawn in the lower area where all the boars are roaming don't bother going down after them since you will have to waste more time getting back up than money that you would make from gathering it.

Iron Ore is also a very popular gather from Razorfen Kraul. The most common area you will find it inside the instance is where the bats spawn through the little tunnel towards the end of the instance. Many people would just try to sell the Iron bars that they smelt the Iron Ore into but don't be like many people, make sure you keep the Heavy Stone. I have actually found that Heavy Stone sells faster, for more and is in high demand unlike the Iron Bars.

Items of Interest

Silk Cloth

Wool Cloth



Iron Ore

Heavy Stone





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