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Retro Gaming Walkthroughs

           This is the index page for my Retro Gaming Walkthroughs. On this page you can find a link to each of the different systems I have covered and on each system's page you can find each of the different games I have covered. Keep in mind that every game that has a review may not have a walkthrough and vice versa. The second important thing I would like to mention is these walkthroughs aren't going to be traditional walkthroughs. What I mean is they aren't walkthroughs for the entire game. I often find that to be too time consuming and a fruitless endeavor financially.

The walkthroughs I have written are mostly going to be for side quests and/or areas people are extremely prone to get stuck on. Small and often short guides that answer some of the most commonly googled questions about those games. If you're a retro gamer you kind of know what I mean. Often for some games we're stuck browsing old forum posts to try and complete something and that can sometimes be frustrating. Those are primarily the type of guides I am writing here. More often than not I would assume you'll find these guides through google which will make this page just an index page for you to see all of my other work.

Retro Gaming Walkthroughs Index Page

Nintendo 64

Nintendo DS

Playstation 2

Playstation 1

PSP (Play Station Portable)

Snes (Super Nintendo)


Retro Gaming Reviews

           After playing dozens of different games I have decided to contribute my own reviews and walkthroughs. Both in part to help me remember the adventures I had in the games I played and also if anyone out there has similar tastes and wanted to use my recommendations. The list of reviews and consoles is pretty small right now, over time as I play more and more games it will grow, I promise. Each review page also has links on it, I am going to ask the creator of each walkthrough I use when playing the games if I can use the walkthrough on my website. Also, any tips or tricks I may have learned/picked up while playing I am also going to create a page for.

Over time as the list grows hopefully I can do top 10 lists for each console/all time etc etc. We'll see where this adventure takes me!!

Retro Gaming Reviews Index Page

Playstation 1 - inactive

Playstation 2 - 2 games

Nintendo 64 - inactive

Nintendo 3DS - inactive

Nintendo DS - inactive

Playstation Portable (PSP) - outdated/poor format

Super Nintendo - outdated/poor format

Gamecube - 5 games





Older Guides for single player games that I plan to incorporate/am saving links to

Deus Ex Human Revolution All Codes

Deus Ex The Fall All door/Safe Codes

Kingdoms of Amalur Guide

Dishonored Safe Codes

Harvest Moon 64 Power Berry Locations

Harvest Moon Back to Nature Power Berry Locations

Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town Power Berry Locations

Harvest Moon 2 Gameboy Color Power Berry Locations





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