Spider's Silk Farming in Stonetalon Mountains (Classic - WoTLK)

Spider's Silk Farming Location

Average Gold Per Hour: 1 - 5g
Level Recommended: 20
Rating: (For that level) 8/10

Spider's Silk is one of the best farming locations for players in their twenties. For Horde, in southern Stonetalon Mountains you will find a place called Shissar Canyon. Inside of Shissar Canyon you will find dozens and dozens of spiders ready to be killed for their Spider's Silk. Spider's Silk is used in the Leatherworking and Tailoring profession, most commonly by new players looking for gear. However, Horde have a quest that require Toughened Leather Gloves in Ashenvale, with Spider's Silk as one of the main ingredients of the gloves.

For this reason the Spider's Silk may only be really worth farming on Horde, but on Alliance It definitaly still has its uses. For the Alliance the first place you will be able to farm for Spider's Silk is in Redridge Mountains. The Spiders in Redridge Mountains can be found just east of Lakeshire by the old abandoned lumber mill. To give you a better idea of their location take a look at the picture below.

That is a lot of Spiders!

Even though for Alliance it shows literally 400x more spiders, there is probably about the same amount for both Alliance and Horde. There is also one final location for players to farm for Spider's Silk... but they will need to be at least level 35 and ready to grind some more spiders in Arathi Highlands!

The spiders in Arathi Highlands are the highest level spiders (level 35) that drop Spider's Silk. The drop rate of Spider's Silk in Arathi Highlands is double than both Stonetalon and Redridge Mountains. Both of the level 20 spiders in Redridge and Stonetalon have a 5% drop rate for the silk where as in Arathi Highlands there is a whopping 10% drop chance!

Additional Note: As a Horde player on Arthas, right after I made the video of me farming for the Spider's Silk in Stonetalon I was able to sell the Spider's Silk for 7g each! I've checked back a few days later and they are still going for 5 or more gold each. What this means is; A: You'll make way more than 20g an hour in either of these locations and B: If they go for 5g each than it is probably your best source of income for the lower levels.

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Spider's Silk

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