Twilight Text & Runecloth Farming (Classic - WoTLK)

One of the final level 60 spots I am going to cover is the Twilight Cultists in Silithus. These Cultists drop Encrypted Twilight Texts which you can sell on the Auction House or you can turn it in for Cenarion Circle reputation. Check your realm to see if they sell before coming out here. I'd say on average you will find a buyer for 5g per 10 pages. The Twilight Cultists out here also drop green pieces of armor which can be used to summon an elemental out of one of the stones or just vendored.

Your best bet is to vendor them since the elemental will be difficult for you to solo and also wont drop much of anything you can sell for more. And of course as with many of the other level 60 farming locations this place is great for Runecloth. Runecloth will most likely be your primary source of income for farming here unless you can get people to buy those Twilight Texts.


Items of Interest

Encrypted Twilight Texts


Greens (To disenchant, vendor the Twilight greens)

Vendor Trash








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