Crimson Whelpling Farming Location (Classic - WoTLK)

Average Gold Per Hour: 1-5
Level Recommended: 30+
Rating: 7/10

The Crimson Whelpling is the lowest level out of combat pet whelpling able to be farmed. Luckily, or unluckily, depending on your faction, the place you can farm for this whelp is in The Wetlands. This makes it a great option for lower level Alliance players that are looking to make some extra gold. One thing I highly recommend before farming here is make sure you can skin the whelps that you are killing. Skinning them will give you Light Leather and Medium Leather which will sell on the Auction House for quite a bit.

In the meantime you will also find some greens and maybe rarely a blue drop from the whelps. Depending on what you find they could have some value on the Auction House. For example, if you find a one handed sword with stam and strength on it, a lower level rogue would scoop that up almost instantly. Of course your biggest money maker will be if you actually find the Crimson Whelpling that drops here. This baby can sell on the Auction House from anywhere between 25 to 1000g! (the price depends on the age of your server)

The chance for of the Crimson Whelpling dropping is very low of course, probably something like one in five hundred kills. Two upsides are, you'll get a lot of leather from the whelps here and they are also squishy; meaning you can plow right through them. One of the biggest upsides to farming here is if you're a low level Alliance character (depending on what level) you could also get XP for farming here! It won't be much, especially if you out level the whelps by a lot, but some is better then none!

Items of Interest

Light Leather

Medium Leather

Grey Items to Vendor

Crimson Whelpling









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