Deviate Fish Farming Location (Classic - WoTLK)

Deviate Fish is the most famous fish in all of WoW. When cooked this fish will become a Savory Deviate Delight, which is a very tasty treat with the powers to turn you into a Pirate or Ninja. Aside from all the fun and games a Savory Deviate Delight will give you; there is really no benefit to farming here other than cash. You will of course raise up your fishing if your skill is still low and possibly even cooking but other than that it is rather straight forward.

The only other thing you could possibly get while fishing here is if you go inside and kill the Deviate Guardians + Ravagers. Both of these mobs have a chance to drop a Deviate Hatchling which you can sell on the Auction House for upwards of 500g. Although when you're inside you will also get a chance to find a Deviate Hatchling, outside is much better for farming strictly Deviate Fish. Outside of Wailing Caverns there are three different locations that you will want to look out for Schools of Deviate Fish. All three of these locations can be seen on the map below.

Deviate Fish Farming Locations:

The one thing that is great about Deviate Fish is; you'll notice that when Blizzard makes an ugly shoulder graphic that the prices of Deviate Fish on your server will sky rocket in price. Or if your server just has an abundance of people who rolled a Tauren or a Draenei and really need a Deviate Fish to try and forget their choice. Farming for Deviate Fish will require at the very least level 5. Since level 5 is the earliest level you can train fishing, that is the level that you will be able to start coming here.

In order to fish for Deviate Fish you must have at least 50 fishing skill and a half way decent lure. This will help dramatically reduce the failed casts that you have. As for safest places to farm Deviate Fish, one is inside Wailing Caverns itself. Not 100% to the instance yet but about half way through the caves you will find a very small lake that you must swim through in order to continue towards the entrance. In the center of this lake you'll find a"Locness monster" type mob.

You know what I am talking about now? Good.

To the right of this lake you will find a large rock which you can jump up on and fish in the lake. From this rock no monsters can get you but you will have to deal with annoying noobies jumping up and down on your bobber like they're funny. The second most safest place is far to the north of Wailing Caverns. You will need to cross over the road and go to The Forgotten Pools. Around the outter layer of The Forgotten Pools you will find many centaur, but closer to the water itself you will be perfectly safe.

Items of Interest

Deviate FishDeviate Fish!

Deviate Hatchling (Small possibility to get if farming inside Wailing Caverns)





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