Stockades Wool Cloth Farming (Classic - WoTLK)

The Stockades is probably the best source for Wool Cloth in the game. Not only is it abundant with mobs that are all extremely close together all of them drop Wool! Running Stockades will be easy as pie for anyone that is close to level 60. From a single Stockades run you can expect at least 3 to 4 stacks of Wool. With how easy stockades is and with how much wool you will be getting per run it is actually pretty decent money if you're not planing on using the wool yourself.

On average wool sells for 20g a stack, 3 stacks bare minimum a run we're talking at least 60g a run. As an AoE class you will easily be able to do all 5 of the runs you're allowed in a single hour. It's not as good of money as other locations but for someone as low as level 60 being able to do it, you gotta admit it ain't that bad. The absolute worst part of running Stockades for Wool is if you're Horde. Having to fly into Stormwind (if you can even fly) and getting to Stockades is a royal pain in the rear.

Items of Interest:

Wool Cloth

Assorted Greens

Vendor Trash








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