Disgusting Oozeling Farming Location (Classic - WoTLK)

Average Gold Per Hour: 15-20
Level Recommended: 55+
Rating: 6/10
Items of Interest: Disgusting Oozeling, Greens, Blues, Epics

The first place for you to farm for the Disgusting Oozeling vanity pet is located in Felwood just south of Bloodvenom Post. Farming for the Disgusting Oozeling is another good option for you at the lower levels. You will need to be at least level 55 in order to easily handle most of the oozes that have a chance to drop the Disgusting Oozeling. Unlike many of the other out of combatvanity pets the Disgusting Oozeling doesn't directly drop from any of the oozes, per say, instead the Oozeling drops from a bag that the Oozes carry; which is called an Oozing Bag.

The Oozing Bag drops roughly one in every ten kills and has a 2% chance to contain a Disgusting Oozeling. The good news about the Oozing Bag is it will contain many other goodies aside from just a possible chance at a Disgusting Oozeling. Inside the Oozing Bag you will be able to find up to three different types of potions, old school herbs and if you get lucky even a Star Ruby or Aquamarine! Both the Star Ruby and the Aquamarine will net you anywhere from 5 - 7g on the Auction House; each!

Aside from just Felwood players can also farm for the Disgusting Oozeling in Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands and even Un'goro Crater! I highly recommend you resist the urge to go to Un'goro Crater and stay in one of the other zones, but the option is up to you. I've found Felwood, Eastern Plaguelands and Western Plaguelands all to have roughly right around similar drop chances for the Oozing Bag. The upside to Felwood is that Herbalists will be able to make a decent amount of cash by gathering up anything they see around them.

Just like how Herbalists have the upper hand in Felwood, Miners will have the upper hand in Western or Eastern Plaguelands. Players will be able to find a decent amount of Thorium around both the farming locations in Eastern Plaguelands and Western Plaguelands. Since you will be farming inside of a cave in Western Plaguelands or inside of a hilly ditch in Eastern Plaguelands you will have a great chance to find Thorium and in Eastern Plaugelands even Rich Thorium Ore!

Disgusting Oozeling Farming Locations:

Western Plaguelands & Eastern Plaguelands Farming Locations

When it comes to farming for the Disgusting Oozeling the only real downside is unless you get lucky enough to find a ton of Oozing Bags or a Disgusting Oozeling your income will be very low. For every kill you will get a small amount of silver and generally a grey item that vendors for 5s. If you do happen to get lucky enough to get a Disgusting Oozeling though, you could make anywhere from 500 to 1000g selling it to another player.

Items of Interest

Oozing Bag

Disgusting Oozeling


Thorium Ore









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