Disgusting Oozeling Farming Location (Classic - WoTLK)

The Disgusting Oozeling is an out of combat vanity pet which you can obtain from an Oozing Bag. You can loot Oozing Bags from high level slimes in Western Plaguelands, Felwood, Eastern Plaguelands and Un'goro Crater. Out of all these locations, Western Plaguelands, Felwood and Eastern Plaguelands are the three best locations to farm.

Western Plaguelands is technically the best of the three locations to farm if you're looking to make the most money. The reason for this is because in addition to possibly getting the Disgusting Oozeling vanity pet, you'll also have a chance of finding a Greater Nature Protection Potion Recipe which you can sell for a lot on the Auction House.

Each of the three different farming locations for the Disgusting Oozeling are shown in the screen shots below. Further down the page I go into more specific details about the strengths or weaknesses of each location and tips for where you should farm based on what professions you have.

Eastern Plaguelands Ooze Farming Locations.

Western Plaguelands Ooze Farming Location.

Felwood Ooze Farming Locations.

PvP Server Tips: The cave in Western Plaguelands is probably where you'll encounter the least amount of people, with the craters in Eastern Plaguelands coming in at a close second. The craters in EPL would be first, however people up top can easily see you while running by, then get the jump on you like a drop bear! The location in Felwood will be extremely high draffic due to it being right outside of Jaedenar, a popular questing hub.

Felwood Location: Plaguebloom, Gromsblood, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Small Thorium, Mithril Ore all can be found here. This is the second highest gold per hour location to farm the Disgusting Oozeling if you have gathering professions.

Western Plaguelands Location: Greater Nature Protection Potion Recipe -- Small Thorium, Mithril Ore, Rich Thorium, Dreamfoil (outside). As far as gold per hour goes, this is the best location of the three thanks to the Alchemy Recipe.

Eastern Plaguelands Location: Rich Thorium, Small Thorium, Plaguebloom, Dreamfoil and other herbs, depending how far out of the craters you go. This is the worst farming location as far as gold per hour goes of the three. However if you're just after the Disgusting Oozeling and you're not looking to make any extra money, this location is probably the best one.

The Oozing Bag drops roughly one in every ten kills and has a 2% chance to contain a Disgusting Oozeling. The good news about the Oozing Bag is it will contain many other goodies aside from just a possible chance at a Disgusting Oozeling. Inside the Oozing Bag you will be able to find up to three different types of potions and many different types of herbs.

Just like how Herbalists have the upper hand in Felwood, Miners will have the upper hand in Western or Eastern Plaguelands. Players will be able to find a decent amount of Thorium around both the farming locations in Eastern Plaguelands and Western Plaguelands. Since you will be farming inside of a cave in Western Plaguelands or inside of a hilly ditch in Eastern Plaguelands you will have a great chance to find Thorium and in Eastern Plaugelands even Rich Thorium Ore!

When it comes to farming for the Disgusting Oozeling the only real downside is unless you get lucky enough to find a ton of Oozing Bags or a Disgusting Oozeling your income will be very low. For every kill you will get a small amount of silver and generally a grey item that vendors for 5s. If you do happen to get lucky enough to get a Disgusting Oozeling though, you could make anywhere from 50 to 500g depending on how old your server is and how inflated the economy is.


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