Crawler & Clam Meat in Ashenvale

This place is worth mentioning because it plays as a duplicate to the Alliance's westfall crawler farming location. This is the place where Horde will be able to collect some Crawler and Clam Meat for the lazy cooking players. Only here you will want to kill the nagas as well as the crabs since you have the option to get Clam or Crawler Meat. The strand crawlers on the ground will give you the crawler meat and the nagas will give you the clam meat.

As explained in the Alliance guide, make sure to check the prices of Clam Meat and Crawler Meat on your Auction House before coming out here and starting to farm. It is very important that you know the prices of both of these items so you don't come out here and waste your time. On a high pop server you will have more of a customer base which will hopefully prevent it from happening. However if you play on a low pop server the market can very easily get over flooded since the demand is so low.

For lower level players, Rogues especially you will be able to skill up your lock picking in this general area. All across the beach there are little lock boxes that you can pick depending on what your skill is. Good luck and happy hunting!


Items of Interest

Crawler Meat

Clam Meat

Vendor Trash

Low level greens

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