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Thorium Ore Farming in Un'goro Crater (Classic - WotLK)

One of the best places for you to farm Thorium Ore is in Un'goro Crater. You will find a ton of Rich Thorium deposits as well as Small Thorium deposits here. Spending an hour in this zone would fill up all of your bags and net you at least a thousand gold, depending on how much Thorium sells for on your server. One thing I have noticed though, regardless of server is Dense Stone sells for absolute crap. Usually 75s a stack, so I just vendor it to clear my inventory for more Thorium Ore.

It is debated what the best path around Un'goro Crater is for Thorium Ore, but I'd have to say hands down it is just circling the zone either clockwise or counter clockwise. It really doesn't matter. The only way that it does ever matter is if someone else is here farming Thorium Ore too. If there is and you know what direction they are going in, reverse your direction so you can beat them too half the Thorium. Granted they will beat you to a lot of it too but at least you're getting something. Below is a picture of the route that I use when farming Thorium Ore in Un'goro. (Click the image to enlarge it)

Thorium Ore Farming Path:

Ungoro Crater Thorium Farming Path

Now you may wonder, how come you don't have the center in that path? Well, as of Cataclysm Fire Plume Ridge no longer has as much Thorium as it used to and Thorium spawns so fast around all of Un'goro that even with non stop farming you wouldn't run out of Thorium to have to differ from the regular path. If there is anyone else here at Un'goro farming Thorium Ore I highly recommend flying just a tad west to Silithus. It has just as much and you won't have to deal with whoever is stealing your Thorium.

Items of Interest

Thorium Ore

Dense Stone

Arcane Crystal

Huge Emerald

Azerothian Diamond

Large Opal

Blue Sapphire

Star Ruby

Mithril Ore

Solid Stone









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