Wool Cloth Farming in Duskwood (Worgen)

A great place for lower level alliance players to gather some Wool Cloth is at the large camp of Worgen in Duskwood. There are two different locations that the Worgen are located at. The first one is The Rotting Orchard (Picture is above) which is just a short run southwest from Darkshire. The second location is Brightwood Grove (Picture below), just a short run west from Darkshire. Both locations are a great place for Alliance since Horde have no buisiness here which means there is a very low chance of being ganked and also the Worgen are extremely easy to kill.

Brightwood Grove has slightly more Worgen than the Rotting Orchard does but they are more spaced out than at the Rotting Orchard. Aside from Brightwood Grove being slightly more populated both locations have roughly the same chance for Wool Cloth to drop, since the Worgens in both location are generally 20-22. As far as gathering professions go, there is a chance at both locations for you to find herbs and ore as well as a few different locations for a chest to spawn. Below is the video that I filmed for Brightwood Grove , If you would like to see the video that I made for The Rotting Orchard then click here.

Items of Interest:

Linen Cloth

Wool Cloth

Silk Cloth

Low Level Greens

Low Level Herbs (If you have herbalism)

Low Level Ore (If you have mining)










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