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Almar's Guides - How To Make 10k an Hour

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Proof I make 10k an hour

The first thing you are going to do is deny that this isn't impossible. (I've fixed the spelling mistake in this previous sentence literally 5 times, I swear if it gets reset again I am going to freak. Now it should say ISN'T impossible instead of IS impossible).

However, not only will I give you proof beyond all reasonable doubt that it is possible, I will also tell you how you can do it for absolutely free. The way I found to make 10k an hour cannot get you banned. It cannot be nerfed. And it will always be possible. You will need at least 2 characters to do this, you will only need a single level 85 but I highly recommend two or more to limit travel time which will increase your hourly gold past the 10k point. The third or second character can be a level 1 which you keep parked at the Auction House at all times. This is where your money will be coming from.

Before you go about denying that this is possible click here to see my math. That page will contain links to all other pages with math for specific locations as well as math for the Auction House. Before you bust out your calculator and decide to blindly listen to whatever it says, take two steps backwards and execute the laws of common sense. Something that a lot of WoW players seem to forget these days. If you expect to make 10k a gold on the dot every hour, never more, never less, you will be strongly disappointed.

With this entire guide I am using averages. I'm not documenting my best runs through instances and bragging, I'm doing 5 runs, taking all the items, showing you how much they sell for, proving to you that they sell for that price and then giving the average amount of gold for each run to you. Also if you're new to the Auction House, know that things are very random with how they sell. You could have 30 - 45k worth of items in your inventory and another 10k on the Auction House and the only thing you can do is wait for them to sell or you could be dumping items on the Auction House non-stop and someone is buying them out every second making you massive profits. Once again, I use the averages even for Auction House sales so I'm not taking a single good day and saying "Hey look, I made 10k an hour!"

To start here are the requirements in order for you to do this guide and also a list of things that I recommend you should have in order to do this guide.


Requirements for the 10k An Hour Guide

- At least one level 85. The more you have the better

- At least one character that can Disenchant items or even a friend that doesn't mind Disenchanting a lot of items at seemingly random times

- A character parked at the Auction House that should never leave it

- The ability to gather mines (Herbalism is an extremely close second and in my opinion a requirement to, but you can still do this without it.)

- Auctioneer

- Know your Auction House


Optional Requirements

- Herbalism

- Tailoring

- Alchemy

- Jewelcrafting

- Enchanting (on one of YOUR characters)

That is the entire list of things that I strongly recommend you have for doing this. Doing so will maximize your profits and will allow you to make even more then 10k an hour. Now there are two ways you can start doing this, one is just start buying materials from the Auction House and two is to start off by farming. I really recommend doing 2 first since you need a baseline for items. This isn't really something you can jump right into and start making a bajillion gold an hour. Especially if you buy all of the items you need through the Auction House, you're going to be dumping at least 12k or more in materials.

For starting out I have 8 easy steps that you can do within 2 hours max to get a good baseline of items to start. If you are interested in viewing the guide I have for this click here. (Also there is a link below this Paragraph) Start with that initial path I have so you don't have to invest a single piece of gold into this and it will be purely 100% profit. Now, regardless of where you start or how you start you will need to know what items to look out for and what items to hold on to. For this section the items are in no specific order and there are a lot of them. Clicking on each item will take you to a specific page that will tell you everything you need to know about it.

PatternMy 10k an Hour Start up Guide

Well, those are all the items you will be farming up and selling through the Auction House. There are quite a few of them so try not to get overwhelmed. Quite a few of them come from the same farming locations and some of them you might not even be able to acquire if you don't have all the desired optional tradeskills. Don't worry though, you don't need to collect all of them in order to make 10k an hour. As mentioned before, on each of the items pages I give you a good idea of how to control the Auction House for that item, but there are a few basic Auction House guides that I wrote as well.

Each of these guides will give you good generalized tips on how to maximize your profits through the Auction House. Some of it is basic knowledge and some of it is more advanced trickery you can play on others. I strongly recommend you read over these guides because they will play a crucial role in helping you maximize your profits.

How to mess with people's Auctioneer

Which market is the most vulnerable?

How to expertly dabble in all markets

If you have read and understand all of the guides on this page and have watched all of my videos, then there is nothing left for me to help you with! The only thing left for me to do on this page is to give you the proof you crave for knowing that this guide will work. Below are videos that I have broken down into many different parts and have completely narrated to explain this as best as I can. The first set will cover the "Start up" guide that I linked earlier on this page. If you missed it here is a link to it followed by the videos that back it up.

My 10k an Hour Start up Guide


Items You Will Want to Buy & Farm

Embersilk ClothEmbersilk Cloth

Volatile AirVolatile Air

Volatile FireVolatile Fire

Volatile WaterVolatile Water

Volatile LifeVolatile Life

Volatile Earth Volatile Earth

Netherweave ClothNetherweave Cloth


Mageweave ClothMageweave Cloth

Silk ClothSilk Cloth

Thorium BarsThorium Bars

Mithril BarsMithril Bars

Blue SapphireBlue Sapphire

Huge EmeraldHuge Emerald

Arcane CrystalArcane Crystal

Star RubyStar Ruby

Azerothian DiamondAzerothian Diamond

Large OpalLarge Opal

Frostweave ClothFrostweave Cloth

Azshara's Veil Azshara's Veil


Obsidium OreObsidium Ore

Truesilver BarsTruesilver Bars

Illusion DustIllusion Dust

Greater Eternal EssenceGreater Eternal Essence

Infinite DustInfinite Dust


Dreaming GloryDreaming Glory



Rugged LeatherRugged Leather

Thick LeatherThick Leather

Large Brilliant ShardsLarge Brilliant Shards

Greater Planar EssenceGreater Planar Essence

Greater Cosmic EssenceGreater Cosmic Essence

Borean LeatherBorean Leather

Arctic FurArctic Fur

Hypnotic DustHypnotic Dust

Arcane DustArcane Dust








Dream EmeraldDream Emerald



Ember TopazEmber Topaz

Inferno RubyInferno Ruby

Ocean SapphireOcean Sapphire