Embersilk Cloth

Embersilk Cloth is the main thing you will want to buy out when it comes to buying and reselling on pretty much every server. As mentioned in my videos, I know for a fact that I can sell Embersilk for 29g a stack pretty much instantly, therefor when I take into account the AH cut and such I get roughly 27g - 28g back per stack. Anything below this amount I buy out immediately knowing that I will be able to sell them for more. Here is the first example picture that I took of people putting Embersilk up for insanely low prices.

Low priced Embersilk:

There are 5 stacks of Embersilk Cloth in the picture, all of them up for 20g each, I'm rounding up for the lower ones, I don't really care about 20s. Now if you figure I will make 7g profit on each stack of Embersilk that I purchased right here then I made a total of 35g in less than 5 seconds. You will find a ton of deals like this up throughout the day on Embersilk, the goal is to just check it immediately upon logging on each and every time. Sometimes you will find a couple dozen stacks up since people just undercut each other non stop. I've seen them go all the way down to 18g for each stack! Below is a picture of me selling the Embersilk less than an hour later.

Now while checking the Auction House later in the day I saw my favorite thing happen with the Embersilk Market, which I actually cause sometimes. Someone put Embersilk up for dirt cheap, but an extremely low amount. For this picture there are only two pieces of Embersilk up and it is going for 99s

When I see that blue percentage number through Auctioneer my eyes light up with excitement because I know I am going to make a ton of money off of that item. Also knowing how retarded people are I know they will let auctioneer dictate their prices for the silk without even bothering to check the Auction House. So, when you see a number like that for an extremely low amount immediately buy it out and then rush into the full stacks to find the even bigger retard.

Now it was the same person this time around but it is extremely common when you see a low amount of Embersilk up, like one or two pieces, that are going for a dirt cheap price that someone will put a whole stack up under cutting that extremely low price.as aforementioned don't let auctioneer control the way you handle the Auction House. I bought the stack of 20 and the stack of 6 and put the stack back up for my price of 29g and it sold within 5 minutes. As I mentioned before, sometimes I mess with people's Auctioneer addon myself, it is fairly easy to do and I only do it at primetime since that is when I can make the most money vrs how much money I will be losing putting items up for cheap. Head on over to my How To Mess With People's Auctioneer Guide to see what I mean!

If you needed more proof of Embersilk prices being undercut into oblivion, take a look at the above picture. I bought all of them out for a total of roughly 160g (I'm rounding up) and roughly 50 seconds after putting them all back up on the Auction House they sold for 29g 99s each. Can't beat an 80g profit in less than 1 minute.

Now I could continue rambling on all day about my Embersilk profit conquests but I think you get the point by now. So, in closing here are a few tips which you should keep in mind that apply directly to Embersilk Cloth.

Embersilk Cloth Tips

- Always check the Auction House for Embersilk Cloth first. It is the market that changes the most on all servers, constantly having items purchased and put up making it the best one to check constantly

- Know the price of Embersilk Cloth on your server and know how much you lose with each deposit as well as Auction House cut. This will allow you to easily maximize your profits

- Remember to leave some low priced Embersilk up if it is up in singles to bait people into undercutting it with a full stack

- Be quick if you see a good deal, if you stop and think about it someone is going to buy it before you.

As with all my guides, in closing I will give you a page specifically for proof that I can get it to sell for how much I say I can. If you already believe me when I say how much I can get per sale of that item then the math page at the end of each of these guides will pretty much be completely useless to you. I just made it for all the nay sayers out there which try to rebuttle my claims throughout this guide.

Embersilk Cloth Math Page