Runecloth is one of the many different types of Cloth that you will want to collect and buy and resell for this guide. You will not only be getting a ton of Runecloth through farming LBRS & UBRS in my guide but you will also want to keep an eye on the Auction House for severly underpriced stacks of Runecloth. You will be amazed at how many people put Runecloth on the Auction House for dirt cheap prices. Much like Netherweave Cloth, when it comes to Runecloth I know that without even trying I can sell a stack of it for 12g, easily. Knowing this I buy out any Runecloth on the Auction House for anything 10g or less.

As mentioned before people have a tendency to slash Runecloth prices in half when they go to put theirs Runecloth up. It is very common to see Runecloth on the Auction House going for 5g a stack on my server. I can't help getting excited when I see this, knowing I will be able to make a massive quick profit off of the Runecloth. Of course extremely low prices won't always happen on Runecloth, but you will find quite a few good deals through the Auction House. Take a look at the picture below to see what I mean by multiple good deals.

Runecloth going for 10g each is a steal, not as much of a steal as 5g each of course but it is still a great price. Since I know I can sell Runecloth for 12g a stack buying it for 10g a stack is at least a 1g 70s profit. Of course that doesn't sound like a lot but it quickly adds up. Now when seeing Runecloth this low on the Auction House there are two things you can do. First, is you can buy it out and then sell it for a small profit. Second, is you can possibly lose that small profit and wait for someone to undercut the already low Runecloth and then buy it all out. I call this "baiting".

Baiting is risky since it will cause you to lose a profit if it fails. Also you will need to watch the Auction House like a hawk while baiting people to make sure you grab the undercut items as quickly as possible. If Runecloth is selling fast at the current point in time I recommend buying it and selling it for a profit, if the market is slow that day then wait for someone to undercut the already lower prices.

If you have too much Runecloth piling up in your inventory there is a rather nifty way to get rid of it which could yield actually a giant profit if the level 60 Enchanting materials are selling well on your server.

Runecloth Not Selling?

If Runecloth isn't selling so well on your server you can make Runecloth into Runecloth Headbands with Tailoring. If you don't have Tailoring then you can easily enough just find a friend that does have Tailoring to do this for you. I don't recommend doing this with all of your Runecloth, even if the market is totally in the crapper. Only do this with about half so you still can sell Runecloth when the market recovers. Below is more information about the Runecloth Headband.

Runecloth Headband


6 Bolts of Runecloth

2 Rune Thread

That is all it takes in order to make the Runecloth Headband. The 6 Bolts of Runecloth will take 24 Runecloth in all to make, which is a really small investment for a shot at how much gold the DE table is worth on this baby. Illusion Dust goes for 17g each and you have a chance to get 2 of them, which would double how much you could sell the Runecloth stack for. 2 Greater Eternals would triple or even quadruple how much you could sell the Runecloth for and a Large Brilliant Shard would triple the price of the Runecloth stack. Below is a picture of the DE table.

Now, after hearing how much money you could make from Disenchanting the Runecloth Headband you're probably like, why not always make them and Disenchant them? Technically you could do that if Enchanting materials always sold on your server for good prices. But, in most cases Runecloth will sell much faster than the Enchanting materials. As I continue to say, you want to sell stuff fast. If you made all the Runecloth into Headbands and Disenchanted them you could be sitting on materials for months. It is best to split your markets evenly, A little bit of Enchanting materials, a little bit of Runecloth will net you the biggest profit.

Runecloth Farming Video

Runecloth Tips

- Never freak out and unload your Runecloth for below the price you know you can get for it

- If Illusion Dust is selling well on your server and Runecloth isn't convert your Runecloth into Illusion Dust by making Runecloth Headbands and Disenchanting them

- If Runecloth is selling really well on your server farm LBRS/UBRS. They will give you a good 7 - 8 stacks per run

Runecloth Math Page