Thorium Bars

As you may already know Thorium is a giant part of my 10k an hour farming guide. The reason being for this is the sheer amount of stuff you get from mining Thorium to sell. Not only will you get a ton of Thorium Bars which you can sell on the Auction House you will also get at least 7 different miscellaneous gems as well as some Truesilver depending on where you're farming your Thorium. I usually go to Silithus or Un'goro since they are just a few minutes away from taking the Uldum portal and flying north.

The main reason I picked Thorium out of all other ores, including Elementium, is because Thorium will not only give you a ton of different gems to sell on the Auction House (remember, the more markets you can put items in at once the better your hourly profits will be) but also there is rarely anyone ever farming Thorium. No competition is always a good thing!

My videos that I made for this guide are all done in Un'goro though, because at the time I was making the guide we had one of those underground botters which would ninja my mines and it just made for extremely poor hourly estimates. It really doesn't matter where you go, as I mentioned in my regular Thorium mining guides. Just pick the zone with the least people mining in it and start to mine there yourself. Now, as for all the goodies you will get while mining Thorium, I made a list of them below. In addition to the list which I have put together next to each item I will give an average amount of which you can expect to sell the item for.

Thorium Ore (Convert to bars and sell for 40 - 100g per stack depending on your server)

Dense Stone (Vendor these)

Arcane Crystal (5 - 7g each)

Huge Emerald (7 - 12g each)

Azerothian Diamond (5 - 12g each)

Large Opal (5 - 12g each)

Blue Sapphire (2 - 7g each)

Star Ruby (2 - 8g each)

Mithril Ore (30 - 50g a stack once you convert to bars)

Solid Stone (Vendors for 50s a stack)

Truesilver Ore (1g per bar)

The prices vary between each item from server to server quite a bit and also fluctuate quite often. The only thing I make sure I get my money for is Arcane Crystals and Thorium Bars. Which I sell Thorium Bars for 50 - 55g a stack and Arcane Crystals for 4 - 5g each. Everything else I put up for market value. Usually I always get one or the other to sell fast, either the gems sell within the first 48 hours and the bars expire or the bars sell and the gems expire.

Now if the gems sell you're in luck since it is quite easy to get more. The bars you're stuck with until they do sell. If Thorium Bars aren't selling and the gems are selling good enough to where you'd like to mine more Thorium then use your Jewelcrafter or find a Jewelcrafter to prospect the Thorium Ore into a bunch of different gems for you to sell on the Auction House. As I've mentioned time and time again it is never good to get stuck with an item for too long. But sometimes to get an item that sells you will also be collecting an item at the same time that isn't selling as well.

As I mention in each of my guides, usually there is a way to get out of being stuck with a certain item, Thorium Bars there really is no way out of since you can only prospect the ore. However as long as you don't smelt the ore you will be able to prospect it into gems which could be selling better than the bars. Now, you may ask "Why not just sell the ore instead of bars?", The answer is because your main market of buyers will be people who specifically want the bars. The gems are already on the Auction House for Jewelcrafters, they don't need to buy the ore to prospect so that will just rot on the Auction House.

The only gem you won't get from prospecting is Arcane Crystals. They can only be earned through mining and have a rather selective market anyway. The only thing players still buy out a ton of Arcane Crystals for anymore is if they are looking to make Arcanite Bars for their Thunderfury quest.

Thorium Bar Tips

- You can mine Thorium in Un'goro, Silithus and Winterspring. I recommend whichever zone has the least amount of people in it

- I don't really recommend buying out Thorium if it is up for less then yours unless it is a really good deal

- Thorium and Arcane Crystals are the only two items you will want to put up and expect a set price from. Everything else I recommend undercutting

- Never sell the Thorium as Thorium Ore and not make it into bars

- If Thorium Bars aren't selling prospect the Thorium into gems and sell it that way

Now unlike many of the other pages there is usually only a single item to provide a "math page" for, as I like to call it. For this page there are multiple items which I need to provide links for, but It will work out to be the exact same way. For whatever item you want proof on that it sells for the price I say it does, just click on it to follow the link to the math page which I have created for it.

Loot While Thorium Bar Farming

Thorium Bars

Arcane Crystal

Huge Emerald

Azerothian Diamond

Large Opal

Blue Sapphire

Star Ruby

Mithril Bar

Truesilver Bars