What Market Is The Most Vulnerable?

Knowing how to figure out what market is the most vulnerable is a key element in knowing what you need to farm in order to make the most money. There is always one or more markets which are currently vulnerable the key is just finding the right one. As I mention in all of my videos it is important that you always check the Auction House non stop constantly. Look up 30 - 50 items each and every time you log on to see what item currently has none for sale or all severly over priced items. This is the one market you will want to start farming in order to fill.

As you should already know in my start up guide I have a list of locations for you to farm to stock up on a good base of materials. These are the materials you will want to constantly be checking the Auction House for and whatever one is selling the best at that current point in time is the one you will want to be farming more of. Also, in each of my guides for at least 90% of the items I list a way out of having an abundance of it to make an item similar that could be selling better. It is extremely important that you read each and every one of my guides to maximize your profits while doing this.

When you do find a market that is vulnerable at that time, your goal is to farm the living crap out of it. Since there really isn't much else for me to say about how to figure out which market is Vulnerable, I will give you a list of items which correlate with each instance or place that you should farm if one of those markets are vulnerable. Now all of this information has been listed already on their own specific item page as well as my farming pages but this will be the only single source I list all the information for my guide. So consider this your one page cheat-sheet if you will.

If any of the following are selling...

Large Brilliant Shards

Illusion Dust

Greater Eternal Essence

Rugged Leather


Farm Lower Blackrock Spire and Upper Blackrock Spire. If Rugged Leather is the one selling farm Upper Blackrock Spire instead of Lower.

If any of the following are selling...

Arcane Dust

Greater Planar Essence

Netherweave Cloth


Dreaming Glory



You will want to farm Botanica.

If any of the following are selling...

Frostweave Cloth

Infinite Dust

Borean Leather

You will want to farm Utgarde Pinnacle.

If any of the following are selling...

Thorium Bars

Mithril Bars

Blue Sapphire

Huge Emerald

Arcane Crystal

Star Ruby

Azerothian Diamond

Large Opal

Truesilver Bars

You will want to farm Thorium Ore. If Mithril Bars are the ones that are selling well farm Burning Steppes instead.

If any of the following are selling...

Obsidium Ore







Azshara's Veil


Volatile Earth

You will want to farm in Vashj'ir with Mining/Herbalism.

That covers everything. Good luck with your farming and Auction House domination!