How to Expertly Dabble in All Markets

Now, this is probably the most important part of all of my guides since being able to dabble in every market is key to making 10k an hour. I've gone over this a lot in my specific item guides but this guide will give you a much more indepth look at it to hopefully make it clear as day for you. Now as you may already know from my guides there is pretty much a way out of having too much of every single item. This has been explained before and this guide isn't to cover that. This guide is here to explain to you about how to take up as many markets as possible.

Taking up all the markets you can isn't mandatory but it will definitely improve your income. An example of this is if you gather up Azshara's Veil and Stormvine with Herbalism from my path in Hyjal and convert it into different types of potions, such as Earthen Potions, Potion of the Tol'vir and Volcanic Potions you will drastically expand your market. These are just a few different types of examples and some will require you to buy extra mats from the Auction House but it will give you an idea of what I mean.

You can do this with almost all items and I explain a lot of it in my videos but I will give you a breakdown of what you can make with different items from my farming section here. To start off lets look at what you can make with the materials you get while farming Lower Blackrock Spire.

Large Brilliant Shard6 Large Brilliant Shards

Greater Eternal Essence5 Greater Eternal Essences

Illusion Dust20 Illusion Dust


You should already know you can take your Runecloth and turn it into Runecloth Headbands which you can convert into the enchanting materials for level 60. Also you should know some of the basic enchants that are popular amongst twinks which I have mentioned on each of those pages. However there are a few more which you can make but it will depend on your servers Auction House and the prices at that time. Below are additional enchants that you can make if you're willing to invest a little bit extra money into additional materials.

As a side note, which is important... I don't recommend farming them since you can make more money doing something else in the same amount of time and then just buy them instead. Most people don't think about that when farming for a certain item. They will realize it costs 100g on the Auction House and say "Screw that! I'm not paying that much!" Then go farm it for 2hrs. Instead they could do something else for 30 minutes and then buy 5 of them with the gold they made in that time. Anyway, here are the additional enchants that I didn't list which you can turn the level 60 enchanting materials into and sell on the Auction House.

Enchant Weapon - StrengthEnchant Weapon - Strength


Essence of Earth4 Essence of Earth

Large Brilliant Shard4 Large Brilliant Shards

Strength isn't the best selling weapon enchant you can make by any means. In fact it will probably take at least a week to sell this enchant for average price, which is right around 400 - 500g on most servers. Now if you take that into consideration, it isn't smart to invest all of your Large Brilliant Shards or even a lot of gold into this. Essences of Earth usually go for a few silver a piece on my server since they are just for sale by people that want to get rid of them and don't care how.

So, being able to sell this enchant for 500g with little to no actual investment is well worth it. Plus the person buying this enchant won't be wanting the Mighty Intellect enchant or the Agility Enchant listed below. The idea is to open yourself up to a new market of buyers with little to no extra investment in materials.

Note: This Enchant requires Friendly Thorium Brotherhood reputation

Enchant Weapon - AgilityEnchant Weapon - Agility


Essence of Air4 Essence of Air

Large Brilliant Shard4 Large Brilliant Shards

This is probably the most popular twink enchant around. Mostly every class people are leveling now adays could use this enchant and the materials (Essence of Air) are always very commonly being farmed for. On my server a single Essence of Air goes for 100g and as listed above you will need 4 of them in order to perform this enchant. Now when you enchant a scroll and sell the scroll on the Auction House you can expect to get at least 1,000g for the scroll. It goes for roughly the same price as Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect and sells about the same as it.

Now, 4 Large Brilliant Shards cost about 120g if you manage to get full price for them. As I just mentioned the Essences of Air are about 100g each. So for a small investment of 520g you can turn around and sell this enchant for a profit of right around 500g. Once agian, this is smart to do with some of your enchanting materials. But never put all of your eggs in one basket when doing this. Even though the profit seems great it could take a week to sell. Remember, it is all about having tons of different items up for sale, not just a single kind of item.

Note: The Enchant Weapon - Agility enchant requires Honored Timbermaw Reputation

Enchant Weapon - CrusaderEnchant Weapon - Crusader


Righteous Orb2 Righteous Orb

Large Brilliant Shard4 Large Brilliant Shards

This is a very popular enchant amongst low level players and sells quite well on almost all servers. I can usually net 400 - 500g for the enchant and I can buy the Righteous Orbs for only 50 - 70g each. That means for a total of 100 to 140g spent I can turn around and make a profit of at least 300 to 400g. I don't always check the Auction House for Righteous Orbs, usually once a day tops I will look for this reagent. If you got Large Brilliant Shards coming out your ears though, I highly recommend investing in this!

How to Take up More Markets With Thorium Ore

When it comes to Thorium you can really branch out to different markets if the bars aren't selling and you convert the ore to gems. I strongly recommend against this if bars are selling well on your server because you will get these gems through mining the actual Thorium regardless. But, if bars aren't selling well on your server and the gems are farm some Thorium and prospect it yourself or get a friend to do it for you. Or instead of farming the ore, check the Auction House for some. I can usually buy a stack of ore for 30g and prospect it into at least 50g worth of gems.

Below is a picture of the Thorium Ore prospecting table:

Thorium Ore Prospect Table

As you can see from looking at the table from just prospecting Thorium Ore you will open yourself up to 5 additional markets. The Huge Emerald, Azerothian Diamond and Large Opals all go for around 10g each on my server, they can push 14g on a good day but that is rather rare. Star Ruby goes for roughly 5 - 7g depending on the day and Blue Sapphire is the most useless of them all going for 2 - 3g on average. Out of all of the gems Huge Emeralds and Azerothian Diamonds will be your best sellers. If you prospect a lot of Thorium it will be easy to get backed up on Large Opals and Blue Sapphires.

Besides that little bit of information on Thorium, there really isn't anything else you can do with it to expand your markets. For the sake of argument, to learn more about each of the gems follow their individual links below.

Blue SapphireBlue Sapphire

Huge EmeraldHuge Emerald

Star RubyStar Ruby

Azerothian DiamondAzerothian Diamond

Large OpalLarge Opal

How To Control More Markets With Your Vashj'ir Farming

This is the main market which you will want to expand into different ones, that is if you have Herbalism while farming here. Of course you can prospect the Obsidium Ore that you get but it has such a low chance to give you a blue gem it isn't even funny. In addition green gems aren't really worth crap unless you get one which is used in the Jewelcrafting daily. But even then they still are too hard to sell to warrant prospecting just for them. Now, there is a chance you can get a blue gem through mining Obsidium Ore.

Blue gems through mining Obsidium Ore are extremely rare. Usually out of every 20 - 30 deposits that I mine I find a single one. Now, I usually sell the gem raw on the Auction House, completely uncut but some are worth cutting for more money. You probably will never have to cut them in order to cover more markets though, because you will probably never get so many that you need to branch out markets. Either way, more information on the blue gems are at the very end of this article.

The main way to control multiple level 85 markets is through Alchemy and Herbalism. Now you don't have to be the Alchemist if you don't want to, you can easily find someone to do this part for you and in fact, you will probably have to even if you have Alchemy depending on what your specialty is. Since you will only be getting Azshara's Veil, Volatile Life and Stormvine from farming in Vashj'ir this section will cover the main items which sell for a lot which you can dump these materials into.

If you have read the Stormvine and Azshara's Veil pages and even the Volatile Life pages you know some of the things you can do with these three items already. This section will be relatively the same, just I will list more items and also go into slightly more detail. To start, let's look at what you can make Azshara's Veil into.

Volcanic PotionVolcanic Potion


Cinderbloom1 Cinderbloom

Azshara's Veil1 Azshara's Veil

Volcanic Potion is the second thing which I usually dump my Cinderbloom into. Just like Mythical Mana Potions, Volcanic Potions can net you extra profit if you have Potion Mastery. These are second on the list since Azshara's Veil usually goes for double the amount of Whiptail. Even though it uses one less material per combine that Mythical Mana Potions do, Volcanic Potions usually sell for much less and much slower. As with all potions, if you know the raid times and days on your server usually right before a raid people will buy these up.

Potion of IllusionPotion of Illusion


Volatile Life3 Volatile Life

Azshara's Veil1 Azshara's Veil

This is a great and fast selling potion believe it or not. It is kind of useless to mention it as an Azshara's Veil dump because it requires 2x more Volatile Life than it does Azshara's Veil but it is still worth mentioning. Believe it or not Potion of Illusion is the best selling potion I have come to find out. I can pretty much always sell these bad boys for 12 to 13g each and when people buy them they buy massive amounts of them, like 20 at once. Also the Potion of Illusion recipe has a default chance to proc 2 potions, which you can proc even more as a Potion Master. (Note: I've never seen it proc more than five even though the recipe can proc two as a default).

Flask of the WindsFlask of the Winds


Volatile Life8 Volatile Life

Whiptail8 Whiptail

Azshara's Veil8 Azshara's Veil

Flask of the Winds is a flask that is in very high demand by all Agility users when it comes to raiding. Hunters, Rogues, Enhancement Shamans and Feral Druids will all be using this flask while raiding, making it one of the most commonly used flasks, the only one being more common is Flask of Draconic Mind, which Azshara's Veil makes too! Back on topic for this flask though, It is pretty darn cheap to make since Whiptail is such a commonly botted herb on pretty much every server the prices are just completely in the crapper. This makes the secondary material for this flask rather cheap compaired to the Draconic Mind flask.

If Whiptail isn't botted on your server (lol, yea right) then you can just cruise through Uldum and farm up 5 or more stacks in less than 30 minutes by just following the rivers. For more information use my Whiptail Farming Guide.

Flask of Draconic MindFlask of Draconic Mind


Volatile Life8 Volatile Life

Azshara's Veil8 Azshara's Veil

Twilight Jasmine8 Twilight Jasmine

Stormvine Potions/Flasks

Stormvine doesn't have as much that you can make it into as Cinderbloom does but there are still some really good selling potions which require Stormvine as one of the core materials. The only two potions worth making with Stormvine can be found on the Stormvine page but for the sake of argument I will repeat them here.

Earthen PotionEarthen Potion


Stormvine2 Stormvine

Let me start off by saying that Earthen Potions usually don't go for jack since all they use is Stormvine. On average I can sell an Earthen Potion for 1g 50s which if you make 10 of them as a Potion Master and get 0 procs you would most likely end up losing money depending on Stormvine prices. Now you may say "Why even bother then?!". The same reason you would want to make these is because Stormvine will pile up quickly if you don't. The herb isn't severly in demand to begin with so you need to really take every opportunity you can to get rid of it.

Potion of the Tol'virPotion of the Tol'vir


Stormvine1 Stormvine

Whiptail1 Whiptail

This is the best option for potions to make with Stormvine. Potion of the Tol'vir is almost always in demand when guilds raid because of all the classes there are that use Agility. This should be your very first priority when making Stormvine into a potion. As I have mentioned before Whiptail is generally rather cheap on most servers, usually going for 40g at the max for a stack. On a good day I can sell Potion of Tol'Vir for 9g each and on a crappy day I can get more like 7g each. That means even on a crappy day I can get 140g for a stack of Potions which is a massive profit over the 40g it costed for a stack of Whiptail. And this is without any procs at all!

Note: Even though I say I can get 140g for a stack I don't recommend selling them as stacks. Put them up in singles because most people don't need 20 of them for a single raid.

Flask of Flowing WaterFlask of Flowing Water


Volatile Life8 Volatile Life

Stormvine8 Stormvine

Heartblossom8 Heartblossom

This is the only flask which you can make that uses Stormvine and it is a popular flask amongst healers. Luckily, Heartblossom is usually rather cheap so you can make a decent amount of money off of this flask if you can get a bargain on Heartblossom. Most commonly it goes for 40 - 60g a stack and the Flasks go for about 40 - 60g each so with a single stack of Heartblossom you can make double the amount you paid plus additional money if you get any procs!

What To Turn Volatile Life Into?

Volatile Life is the final item that you can find here which you can turn into something with Alchemy. Now, unlike the two herbs above I am not going to give a massive list of things things you can turn Volatile Life into, since, well, the list would be rather massive. Volatile Life is part of every flask and a few different potions. If you have a ton of Volatile Life and want to get rid of it then I suggest searching up everything that requires Volatile Life to make. From here you will want to see what is selling the best and for the most and make some of it. If you have a ton of Volatile Life to dump then you will want to make a little bit of everything and test for yourself.

Besides the flasks which I mentioned before here is a quick list of profitable potions that I have found to spend Volatile Life on.

Golemsblood PotionGolemsblood Potion

Mythical Healing PotionMythical Healing Potion

Potion of IllusionPotion of Illusion

Those are the three main potions which I dump my Volatile Life into if I have a lot of it. Out of all of them I have found Golemsblood to sell the best, followed by shockingly Potion of Illusion. It always amazes me when people would rather buy items that serve no purpose other then making you look different instead of buying something to save your life.

Blue Gems From Mining

Now, as mentioned much earlier in the guide there isn't really much point into cutting the gems since the raw gems will cover enough of the market as it is. However, as with everything there is a chance you can get backed up with one gem and it would be intelligent to cut it into something else to fill another slot in the market. Now, I will say that the only gem at this current point in time that I have notice you can profit off of from cutting it is and Inferno Ruby. Every other gem I always lose profit from cutting it so be warned!

Below are the only cuts that I find worth it to sell. I'm sure I am missing one or two that sell well so don't freak out if you don't see your favorite hot-cake selling gem on here. As I mentioned before I prefer to sell the gems raw so in good faith I honestly can't even recommend any of these cuts.

Solid Ocean SapphireSolid Ocean Sapphire

Sparkling Ocean SapphireSparkling Ocean Sapphire

Puissant Dream EmeraldPuissant Dream Emerald (Strongly recommend against this. Trust me, just vendor the raw gem for 5g...)

Adept Ember TopazAdept Ember Topaz

Fine Ember TopazFine Ember Topaz

Shifting DemonseyeShifting Demonseye

Sovereign DemonseyeSovereign Demonseye

Defender's DemonseyeDefender's Demonseye

Bold Inferno RubyBold Inferno Ruby

Brilliant Inferno RubyBrilliant Inferno Ruby

Delicate Inferno RubyDelicate Inferno Ruby

Fractured AmberjewelFractured Amberjewel

Smooth AmberjewelSmooth Amberjewel