Thick & Rugged Leather

Thick and Rugged Leather are the two types of leather you will get as a skinner in LBRS and UBRS. In both these instances Rugged Leather is much more common than Thick Leather and also sells 30x better. On my server on an average day I can net 70 - 80g for a stack of Rugged Leather. On a good day the prices go up into the hundreds, usually when the market is in the crapper I can get 110 - 130g for a stack of Rugged Leather! Now you may ask, why not always wait to try and get this much?

The answer is rather simple, as I always say try to unload everything you have as fast as possible. You can get tons of different items from LBRS and UBRS to sell and if you just held onto them until they are going for maximum price you're going to get a lot of backed up items in your mail and a ton of clutter in your inventory. This is never a good thing to let happen. As my methaphor goes, your inventory is like a train station, you want to have things coming and going all the time, never anything sticking around for too long because then you will start to lose money.

As far as Thick Leather goes, I usually get 15 - 30g a stack depending on the market that day. Unlike Rugged Leather, Thick Leather never shoots up in price over night and always sells for a craptastic amount. As far as Rugged Leather and Thick Leather sales go I have found that it is almost always best to never buy any off the Auction House to try and resell. Rugged Leather you can buy sometimes, if the stacks are very far below actual market value but Thick Leather I recommend never buying.

For the rest of this guide I am going to break it into two sections, one for LBRS and one for UBRS. Even though they are both technically inside the same instance they are both drastically different when it comes to skinning. I will start with LBRS, more commonly known as Lower Blackrock Spire.

Lower Blackrock Spire

In Lower Blackrock Spire the only thing you will be able to skin throughout the whole entire instance is worgs. When skinning the Worgs you will get both Rugged and Thick Leather, generally a better chance to get Rugged Leather but I have gotten equal amounts of both in a single run. The worgs are spreadout in the instance but a big noteable location is Halycon's Den where you will find at least 6 little worgs, Halycon and after you kill him Gizrul. Each of these little buggers can reward you with at least 1 - 3 pieces of Rugged Leather and some Thick Leather if you're unlucky.

When running Lower Blackrock Spire if I kill every worg throughout the entire instance and skin it I usually end up with a stack of Rugged Leather (Maybe a stack and a half if I get lucky) and a half a stack to a stack of Thick Leather. Note that these totals are without the Bountiful Bags perk, so if you have that perk I would expect at least double of my totals. Also don't forget to skin Overlord Wyrmthalak at the very end of the instance. He will generally skin into Rugged Leather but there is a chance for you to get Dragonscales off of him too.

Now the Dragonscales used to be worth money at level 60 but since no one is making or buying that gear anymore now they are completely worthless. So, if you wan't to know what to do with the Dragonscales, I usually just vendor them and don't even bother trying to sell them. And I strongly recommend you do the same. Now for a quick cheat sheet so you don't have to sift through the paragraphs every time, here are the totals for leather when running LBRS.

Rugged Leather 20 - 30 per run (Without Bountiful Bags perk)

Thick Leather 10 - 20 per run (Without Bountiful Bags perk)

Upper Blackrock Spire

When it comes to farming Rugged Leather, Upper Blackrock Spire is the way to go. Very rarely do I get Thick Leather in UBRS, all of the actual leather that I get from UBRS is Rugged. Now that isn't to say the only thing you will be getting from skinning is Rugged Leather because you will be getting other items such as Dragonscales from skinning in UBRS. As mentioned in the LBRS section, you mine as well just vendor all of the Dragonscales that you get because no one is interested in buying them anymore. (Yes this goes for the blue dragonscales from the Rend event too. Vendor them all!)

Since all of the level 60 gear they are used for is outdated now it is very rare that anyone would ever want to buy these. With virtually no market on these items it is best to just vendor them to quickly get rid of them. In an average UBRS run you can expect to get close to two full stacks of Rugged Leather if you're lucky (Note that this is without the Bountiful Bags perk). The amount of Dragonscales you will get along with the Rugged Leather is usually quite random and there is no real point in charting it anyway since all you do with them is vendor them anyway.

In a regular UBRS run you can double the amount of leather that you can get by doing the Dragonkin event in the whelp room. To the left when entering the room is a large crystal called the Father Flame. When you touch this crystal it will start an event where waves of Dragonkin run out at you and attack you. This doubles the amount of Dragonkin you can expect to see in UBRS and for that reason, give you double the leather. The rend event is pretty rewarding too when it comes to leather, usually averaging a stack just from that.

That is about all I can think of for UBRS that isn't already in my videos. For the sake of making it easier for you, below are the items you will find from skinning in UBRS and a rough estimate of the amounts you should expect. As mentioned before, I will only list the Dragonscales you will find, there is no point in making an actual amount since they fit into the vendor trash catagory.

Rugged Leather 40 - 60 a run

Thick Leather 5 - 10 a run

Black Dragonscale

Worn Dragonscale

In Closing

Almar's 10k an Hour LBRS & UBRS Farming Guide

Above this paragraph is a link which will take you to my LBRS/UBRS Farming Guide, which this guide supports. In order to get the most out of each one you should read both of them fully as well as watch the videos. Well now that you know everything I know about skinning in UBRS/LBRS it is time to end this short guide with the famous math pages! Now if this is the first guide you're reading of my 10k an hour farming guide then you should know that at the very end of each guide I provide links to the pages which display the items I have listed proving that they sell for how much I say they sell for. You'll get the hang of it. Anyway, here they are!

Rugged Leather

Thick Leather