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Utgarde Pinnacle Farming Guide

Utgarde Pinnacle will be the hardest instance to solo when it comes to my 10k an hour guide, but at the very same time the most rewarding. Your main source of income here will be Frostweave Cloth and the handful of green items you will get to Disenchant. Now it is very important that you only Disenchant the green armor that you get from here I strongly recommend to never Disenchant the green weapons or the blue items. The reason for this is the weapons will most commonly DE into Greater Cosmic Essences which have an extremly low sale value on almost every server and in 90% of cases the green will vendor for more.

As far as the blue items go, Dream Shards, much like the Greater Cosmic Essences just plain don't sell on any servers and when they do they sell for something like 3 - 4g each. This means it is almost always better to just vendor the green weapons and blue items you get from farming here. Now, you will want to run Utgarde Pinnacle on non-heroic difficulty. This is very important to keep in mind because running it on heroic difficulty will halve the amount of gold you will make with each hour herebecause it will take twice the amount of time to run it since everything will be twice as hard.

If you want Skadi's mount then you can run this on heroic difficulty a single time each day for a chance at the mount but I recommend leaving right after Skadi and turning it back to normal difficulty so you don't waste anymore time then you already did. Also, on a similar note to wasting time at the first boss while she is going through her cinematic with the Lich King start clearing the room just past her. This is very important so you don't waste any time and maximize your hourly profits.

In addition to not wasting time you will want to completely skip the second boss, the one where you need to summon him and fight all of the used-to-be statues. This guy is just an entire waste of time and will drastically drop your hourly income if you bother to do him. After all, all he will drop is a blue item which you will vendor. That is about all you will need to know for this instance, to see exactly how I solo Utgarde Pinnacle just watch my video on the instance.

As mentioned in the videos, having Skinning while farming here will drastically increase your hourly income since it will open you up to two new markets, Borean Leather and Arctic Furs. It isn't a requirement and it isn't nearly as helpful as having Herbalism while farming Botanica but you will see a noticeable difference in your hourly income with Skinning. Now in order for me to explain all of Utgarde Pinnacle to the best of my ability I am going to post a map of the instance and explain it piece by piece.

Since at 85 Utgarde Pinnacle is still a semi difficult instance to farm there isn't any areas where you should train mobs to. Take it slow, go pull by pull until you learn what your class can handle then you can start pulling more packs for fun. The first little bit of the instance you will want to pull everything, including the abom at the begining since if you're planing on runing this instance more than once back to back then it is important that you clear him anyway, mine as well get it out of the way early. The snowy hallway has a few packs of mobs in it, take it slow and be careful if you're not used to being here. Also if you have Herbalism instead of Skinning or even as a tradeskill you will find Icethorn or Lichbloom in this hall.

The first blue X you see on the map is where the map will change and the first boss will be displayed on the map, Svala Sorrowgrave. I HIGHLY recommend skipping this boss since for anyone besides ranged she will be a real pain in the rear and also you have to wait for the cinematic that she triggers anyway which just wastes time. More is said about it in my videos.

Above is a picture of where you will find the first boss and below my little arrow on the map is the hall you will be taking to skip right by here. In the hall you will find an abomination, dispose of him and then in the large room with the double stairs to the east you will find Vrykul to kill as well as your first very pretty doggy to kill and skin. Generally the Vrykul in the back of the room I pull and kill to loot as well. More kills = more loot = more money, can't go wrong! After you go up the stairs you will want to switch back to the large map which I showed the first time around.

You will now be coming up on the Trophy Room, where you will also want to skip the boss in here. This one more so than the first since he is a complete waste of time. Not only do you have to spend 2 minutes killing the little avatars that come to life but you also need to waste time channeling the orb to even get them to come to life. Immediately after the Throne Room is Eagle's Eye which is more commonly known as the Skadi encounter or "The Gauntlet".

These encounter is rather easy but hard to explain. For this reason I will skip most of the explanation, you can just watch the videos to see how I do it. However, I will say that Skadi takes 3 Harpoons to bring out of the sky, all of which can easily be fired off immediately after reaching the end and killing the two Harpooners plus one additional one that comes running out in the first pack. Also after you kill Skadi if you have Herbalism back track and pick up the herbs along the gauntlet.

After you defeat Skadi head out the western end of the gauntlet and down the stairs towards the final boss. The map will change for the final time and also this area coming up is the most difficult part of the entire instance, in my opinion. It is called the Ruined Court.

In the Ruined Court you will find a pack of three, a pack of four and a wondering pack of two. If you mess up while pulling these and accidentally pull too many things can go sour very quickly. It is important to try and not get the four pack with the two patrolling pack and if you pull the three pack while the patrolling pack is around you will get every mob in this room. Which is almost certain death. Make sure to get these packs all seperate, if you're unsure of what you can handle. Most of the time I can handle the patrolling pack and the pack of four at the same time but I will need to pop cooldowns to make sure I don't die. After you finish clearing the room skip the abomination, he is just a waste of time.

The next room is the king's room, which contains the final boss, go figure. He may be hard depending on your class, just pop cooldowns if you need to. After he is dead you can head north out of his room and back towards the entrance to reset the instance if you want to do so. That's about all there is to Utgarde Pinnacle! If you're unsure of anything please watch my videos on Utgarde Pinnacle.

Items You Will Be Getting in Utgarde Pinnacle to Sell:

Frostweave Cloth

Infinite Dust

Greater Cosmic Essence

Borean Leather

Arctic Fur