Greater Eternal Essences

Greater Eternal Essences are one of the biggest level 60 Disenchanting material money makers. They are most common from green level 60 weapons that you get from LBRS/UBRS but can also come quite commonly from armor as well. On my server I know I can get at least 45 - 50g for each Greater Eternal Essence so I try to never put them on the Auction House for under that price. Since sometimes it is difficult to get Greater Eternal Essences to sell I don't recommend buying them out from the Auction House even if they get down to 30g (Or something similar to a 20g profit each).

The only way I have ever purchased Greater Eternal Essences from the Auction House is if they get down into the "blue" area on Auctioneer. Which means you will be making a massive profit off of them, however you will still need to wait for them to sell. If you have an abundance of Greater Eternal Essences, later on in the guide I will explain how you can make them into useful enchants for heirloom items. Also if Greater Eternals are selling very well on your server at the minute, later on in the guide I will tell you how you can get more from using your Runecloth.

During the course of this guide the majority of our Greater Eternal Essences will be coming from farming LBRS/UBRS and Disenchanting the items you get from these instances. Since Runecloth sells so well and Illusion Dust generally sells better than Greater Eternal Essences you will end up with a bunch of these just piling up until someone clears the entire Auction House of them which usually happens once or twice a week. As with everything when it comes to the Auction House patience will get you the most sales. The more patient you are the more you will get for each sale.

As promised from earlier, there is a way to get rid of an abundant amount of Greater Eternal Essences but it will require you to have a character with Enchanting and a rare pattern which requires Thorium Brotherhood Reputation. Revered reputation to be exact. If you wanna boost your reputation up with Thorium Brotherhood to buy this enchant really quick search the Auction House for Core Leather, Fiery Cores and Lava Cores. All of them can be turned into an NPC in BRD for Thorium Brotherhood reputation and usually cost around 10g each.

Greater Eternal Essences - What to do with extras


Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect (Thorium Brotherhood - Revered)


6 Large Brilliant Shards

5 Greater Eternal Essences

20 Illusion Dust


This enchant is a very common enchant and goes for upwards of 1,000g on most servers since it is used most commonly on Headmaster's Charge, the Heirloom 2 hand staff that you see all low level casters with. In otherwords, it is in demand and since putting an enchant scroll on the Auction House is so cheap if it doesn't sell the first time you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money to keep putting it up. As mentioned before, never buy out Greater Eternals on the Auction House unless on your server you can sell them quickly. As I mentioned in all of my guides the worse thing that could happen is getting stuck with an item for a long time.

Farming Greater Eternal Essences

If Greater Eternal Essences are selling like Hotcakes on your server and the Runecloth market is in the crapper there is a way you can switch your Runecloth into Greater Eternal Essences. Now you won't always get a Greater Eternal Essence, so don't get your hopes up. Most of the time you will be getting Illusion Dust but there is a good chance to get a Greater Eternal Essence or two if you get lucky. With the Bountiful Bags guild perk you will have a chance to get more than two, but of course not all of us have access to that perk yet (I didn't at the time of the guide or when I made 10k each hour)

Runecloth Headband


6 Bolts of Runecloth

2 Rune Thread

That is all it takes in order to make the Runecloth Headband. The 6 Bolts of Runecloth will take 24 Runecloth in all to make, which is a really small investment for a shot at how much gold the DE table is worth on this baby. Illusion Dust goes for 17g each and you have a chance to get 2 of them, which would double how much you could sell the Runecloth stack for. 2 Greater Eternals would triple or even quadruple how much you could sell the Runecloth for and a Large Brilliant Shard would triple the price of the Runecloth stack. Below is a picture of the DE table.

Now, after hearing how much money you could make from Disenchanting the Runecloth Headband you're probably like, why not always make them and Disenchant them? Technically you could do that if Enchanting materials always sold on your server for good prices. But, in most cases Runecloth will sell much faster than the Enchanting materials. As I continue to say, you want to sell stuff fast. If you made all the Runecloth into Headbands and Disenchanted them you could be sitting on materials for months. It is best to split your markets evenly, A little bit of Enchanting materials, a little bit of Runecloth will net you the biggest profit.

In Closing

If you're new to the 10k an hour guide then let me explain how I work the end of the guide. At the end of each page I will give a short list of tips for each item, usually just things to keep in mind and reminders of how you can profit off of the item if it isn't selling in the Auction House. Below that on each page I have a link which will take you to what I like to call the math page for each item. This page will have a decent amount of screenshots from the Auction House showing my sales of the item, for anyone who doesn't believe my 10k an hour claims.

LBRS & UBRS Farming Guide

Greater Eternal Essence Video

Greater Eternal Essence Tips

- Never unload your Greater Eternal Essences for a cheap amount because you're scared that they won't sell

- If you have too many Greater Eternal Essences piling up either enchant a few scrolls with the Mighty Intellect when you get the other mats or have a friend do it for you that has the pattern

- Never buy out Greater Eternals if you're having trouble selling them as it is, regardless of how sweet the deal seems.

- If Greater Eternal Essences are selling really well on your server you can make Runecloth Headbands and Disenchant them

Greater Eternal Essence Math Page