Mageweave Cloth

Mageweave Cloth is another one of the lower level clothes that has a tendency to be put on the Auction House for insanely low prices. Much like Silk it isn't uncommon to see a stack of Mageweave up on the Auction House for 4 to 7g. Knowing that I can get at least 14g for each stack of Mageweave and occasionally 16g depending on the state of the market that day, a stack going for 4 to 7g is a deal that I just can't resist. Even though Mageweave Cloth is higher level then Silk Cloth I kind of consider them equals when it comes to the Auction House.

For one, you will get both Mageweave Cloth and Silk Cloth while farming Goldthorn in Scarlet Monastery Cathedral. Besides Scarlet Monastery Cathedral the only income for both Mageweave and Silk Cloth will be buying it and reselling through the Auction House. In addition to that both Silk and Mageweave both have fairly similar mentality when it comes to the Auction House. Many lower level players put it up for insanely low prices since to them, 7g a stack would be a ton of gold, regardless of how much more they can get.

Now, even though I have mentioned great deals on Mageweave Cloth which could net you double profit they are much more uncommon then the regular deals you will see every day on the Auction House. Below is a picture of the daily good deal that I find on the Auction House for Mageweave Cloth.

Each of those stacks isn't severly underpriced but they are low enough that I know I can make a good profit off of buying them and selling them for more. When it comes to buying Mageweave and Silk the price you relist them at should depend on two different things. First, the price you know you can get for the cloth. Second, is what price the biggest amount of Mageweave or Silk is at on the Auction House. If there are 10 or more stacks up for 15g each then list yours at 14g each even if you know you can get 16g a stack.

As I've said dozens of times the key element to winning at the Auction House is not only buying and reselling the items but being able to do this quickly. You never want to get stuck with something for a long period of time. Consider your inventory to be a train station. You want things to come and go as fast as possible, if you get stuck with something for awhile you're losing money.

Unlike a lot of the other clothes that are above Mageweave in level there is absolutely nothing you can make Mageweave into through Tailoring in order to profit off of it. The only way you can make a lot of money with Mageweave is to sell it on the Auction House, just like you bought it.

Mageweave Cloth Tips

- Loot the Mageweave Cloth when you're farming Goldthorn

- Never pass on a good Mageweave Cloth deal because you have too much of it

- If someone is flooding the market with Mageweave Cloth for, say, 15g each put yours up for 14g even if you know you can get 16

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