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Netherweave Cloth

Netherweave Cloth is one of the few level 70 materials that you will want to mess with. When someone needs it they buy pretty much all of it available on the Auction House so it is great to beat them to the punch, buy out the lower priced Netherweave and put it up for your own prices. Now since people buying Netherweave depends heavily on someone leveling a profession through the silk there is a chance you could be buying out cheap Netherweave for a few days before you see profit on it. Honestly, there is a chance of this with everything but even more so for lower level materials. I know for a fact that I can sell Netherweave Cloth for 12g a stack so anything below I like to buy out. Below is a picture of some dirt cheap Netherweave that I found on the Auction House which I snatched up immediately.

Netherweave Cloth Prices:

Since I know I can get Netherweave to sell for at least 12g a stack I buy anything 10g or below on the Auction House, pretty much at all times. With buying all of the Netherweave in the above picture I spent 39g for 6 stacks of Netherweave and will sell them in the future for 12g a stack (72g for all 6 stacks). So I made a total profit of 33g. Here is a picture that is more funny than anything, while I doing the math and typing up this paragraph I sold all of the Netherweave I just bought and put back up...

Netherweave Cloth Sales

That was good immediate profit from the Netherweave. Plus I also sold all of the other Netherweave I had up from the day before (At least another 12 stacks). Now, there is a chance that people flood the Netherweave Market from farming level 70 instances and you will be sitting on a ton of Netherweave for a very long time. Well, a very long time to me is 2 days, but I found a nice trick to get out of this situation and still profit from it and quickly too. What you will want to do is turn your Netherweave Cloth into Netherweave Pants and then Disenchant them. You can either do this on a Tailoring alt or have a friend with Tailoring do it for you.

Bolt of Netherweave x 6 (30 Netherweave)

Rune Thread x 1

Result: Netherweave Pants

Now the reason you will want to make Netherweave Pants over anything else is because of their Disenchant table. Out of all the greens you can make with Tailoring, Netherweave Pants are the cheapest and have the best DE table. Below is a screenshot of the DE table you can find with Netherweave Pants.

Now even though that says the maximum Arcane Dust you can get is 4 I very commonly get 5 and that is without the Bountiful Bags perk. As far as Greater Planar Essences go I've never seen more than 2 and assume anything past that is impossible, unless of course you have the Bountiful Bags perk. Below are how much I can usually get per unit for both Arcane Dust, Greater Planar Essence and Large Prismatic Shard

Arcane Dust (3g each)

Greater Planar Essence (24g each)

Large Prismatic Shard (4g each)

The big money maker from disenchanting the pants is Greater Planar Essences. If you can get two of these then you will make more profit off of Disenchanting these than you would have from actually selling the Netherweave. Now if you have the Bountiful Bags perk, holy crap! I still recommend selling the Netherweave rather than Disenchanting it though, only use the Tailoring method if you really have too much of it and need to dump it fast.

My Botanica Netherweave Farming Guide

Netherweave Cloth Farming Video

Netherweave Cloth Tips

- Don't stop buying Netherweave if you already have too much! It will always sell. Always. If you have too much listen to what I said before and craft it into greens through Tailoring.

- If you have too much Netherweave stop farming Botanica and start farming another instance for either Runecloth or Frostweave Cloth

- Netherweave is one of those items where you never want to unload it for a price under what you know you can get

For those of you that don't believe I can sell Netherweave for how much I say it sells for, or you would just like proof beyond all reasonable doubt that it will sell for this, I have a page just for you. At the bottom of each of my item pages you can find a link which will take you to a what I like to call math page for each of the items. This page will either show you the math on the location I farm the item and how much I get per hour (on average) or it will show you all of the sales I have done for the item at the price I say it sells for, that way you know for a fact I am not tryin got fool you.

Netherweave Math Page