Frostweave Cloth

Frostweave Cloth is the cloth found in Northrend and usually the highest selling cloth on all servers, for what reason I haven't a clue. On my server I can sell a stack of Frostweave for 52g quite easily but I get undercut and low balled pretty fast so it is important that I stay on top of buying Frostweave if I actually wan't mine to sell. Below is a picture of the prices I generally see Frostweave up for on my server. Now, Frostweave nets me the largest profit of any other cloth, not largest net profit but biggest amount of gold per single unit sold, but it takes the longest to sell. Much like all the other clothes though, I have noticed when someone wants Frostweave they buy all of it on the Auction House.

The profit I will be making from each of those stacks totals at least 10 or more gold, however I usually don't see a profit for a good 6 hours after buying the Frostweave since as I said, it takes awhile to sell. However, Frostweave always delievers on sales, even if it takes a few hours. Here is a quick picture of the Frostweave I bought out in the previous one selling as well as some other left over Frostweave that I had lying around from a previous buy.

Believe it or not it is actually rather hard to get Frostweave to pile up in your inventory, much harder then a cloth like Netherweave. The most Frostweave I have ever had on me at a time is 20 stacks, which may sound like a lot but is barely anything in comparison to other cloths which I usually have jamming up my entire mailbox for a day. Another thing I have notice with Frostweave is it gets some of the most insane undercutters. The lowest stack on the Auction House will be roughly 49g and someone will put an entire stack up for 21g.

I can't explain the logic involved there, maybe they're so used to Wrath prices that it is just natural to think that is a good price. I immediately take advantage of this and buy it out immediately, knowing I will be able to make a massive profit off of it. Now much like all of the cloth previous to Frostweave, if for some reason the market is in the crapper but the Infinite Dust market is up, you can make Frostweave into Duskweave Belts.

Turning Frostweave Into Enchanting Materials

If you have an abundance of Frostweave Cloth that isn't selling but Infinite Dust or Greater Cosmic Essences are selling well on your server then you may want to look into converting some of your Frostweave to Enchanting Materials. In order to do this you will need to have Tailoring or find a friend that has Tailoring. The item you will want to be making is Duskweave Belts since they have the best DE table for the least amount of materials. Below are the materials you will need for making a Duskweave Belt.

Duskweave Belt


6 Bolts of Frostweave

1 Eternium Thread

In total you will need 30 Frostweave to make all of the Bolts required in order to make the Duskweave Belt. On average (on my server) that is 75g worth of Frostweave in order to make a single Duskweave Belt. Now since that is a lot of gold in Frostweave the chance of you making up for it in the Infinite Dust you will recieve is rather low. For this reason I don't really recommend doing this unless the Infinite Dust market is selling like hotcakes and is jacked up and the Frostweave Market is in the crapper. I have made the belts a few times with my Frostweave, just incase you were wondering.

That is the Disenchant table for the Duskweave Belts. Even though it says 5.5 Infinite Dust I have gotten up to 7 with a Disenchant, never more. This also was without the Bountiful Bags perk which means if you are in a guild that is level 23 or above you could have a chance at double the amount of Infinite Dust with each Disenchant. You will want to pray for Infinite Dust when Disenchanting these since Greater Cosmic Essences and Dream Shards don't sell for anymore then a few gold each.

Besides buying and reselling Frostweave Cloth, the main place you will be getting it is through farming Utgarde Pinnacle which is one of the main farming locations in my 10k an hour farming guide. A link to the guide specifically made for Utgarde Pinnacle can be found below.

Almar's Utgarde Pinnacle 10k an Hour Farming Guide

Frostweave Cloth Video

Frostweave Cloth Tips

- Always buy a good deal on Frostweave regardless of how much of it you have

- If you have too much Frostweave, still buy it but instead stop farming for it

- If Infinite Dust is selling really well on your server you can convert your Frostweave into Infinite Dust by making and Disenchanting Duskweave Belts

Frostweave Cloth Math Page