Vashj'ir Mining/Herbalism Farming

This is probably the most important part of making 10k an hour with my guide. Having both Tradeskills will maximize your profits but if I had to pick just one it would probably be Mining. Mining will open you up to the most markets since not only will you have Obsidium Bars to sell you will also have six different types of gems to sell as well as Volatile Earth. Granted Volatile Earth doesn't sell for that much, it is bonus money and who can complain about that! As a Herbalist you will find Azshara's Veil, Stormvine and Volatile Life here.

Since Mining will reward you with more goodies it is a more important tradeskill for here then Herbalism is. As I have said many many times over and over again the more items you can put up on the Auction House all at once the better your hourly profits will be. Now a few of the green gems are pretty worthless and I usually just vendor, it really depends on your server. But for the sake of arguement here is a list of all the gems and other goodies you will be finding here and a little bit about them.

Vashj'ir Mining Loot:

Obsidium Ore - 30 - 55g a stack (70 - 110g for a stack of bars)

Volatile Earth - Sells but for a craptastic amount (Usually like 3g each)

Alicite - Try and sell raw

Carnelian - Sells equally as well as Nightstone usually

Zephyrite - Generally hard to sell unless the JC daily is Zephyrite

Hessonite - One of the better selling gems since it is used in skilling up Jewelcrafting

Jasper - Only sells well when Jagged Jaspers are the Jewelcrafting daily

Nightstone - Sells well on its own and then even better when the Jewelcrafting daily calls for them

For each of the gems below listen to what it says next to the gem or follow the link to view my page where I say which cuts are the best.

Dream Emerald - Sell raw or cut into Puissant Dream Emeralds (I have found them to sell the best)

Amberjewel - Try selling in AH once if they are above 6g

Demonseye - Sell raw in the AH

Ember Topaz - Sell raw in the AH

Inferno Ruby - Can cut into a lot of different things to maximize profit

Ocean Sapphire - Sell raw or cut to sell it, this is a tricky gem

Now if all you have is Mining that is all you will find while farming here. However, if you have Herbalism on the same character it will open you up to an entire new world of items. Now you may think, it's only three items! Well, yeah you're right, let's take a look at those three items first and then I will go into further explanation as to why they are so good and how you can make those three items into a dozen different markets.

Vashj'ir Herbalism Loot:

Azshara's Veil - Sells for anywhere between 35 - 55g a stack, depending on the market (If it is as low as 35g a stack I recommend holding onto it until the market improves)

Stormvine - Sells for anywhere between 20 - 30g a stack depending on what mood the market is in

Volatile Life - Sells for 5 to 6g each

Now that is all you will gather here through Herbalism. It isn't a lot but those three items have a chance to magnify your profits exponentially. Volatile Life sells like hotcakes since it is used in so much and if it doesn't sell you can Transmute it into a different element of Volatile using the Living Elements transmutation which you can read more about here. Azshara's Veil and Stormvine can be sold straight up as both their natural herbs or made into potions and sold that way or milled with Inscription and sold as Blackfallow Ink/Inferno Ink. To learn more about what you can do with each of the two herbs follow their links below.


Azshara's Veil

Vashj'ir Proof of Lots O' Money

This is probably the section most of the "Nuh uh" people are going to jump right down to, completely ignoring the above portion of the guide. So, I will quickly explain how I will setup this section to make it easier for the people who don't believe me to understand. It will be broken down into a few different sections, all with pictures and video so everyone will perfectly understand the guide. To start off I will list 5 runs through Vashj'ir with my character that has Mining/Herbalism. I'll show my chat window for these 5 runs instead of taking an individual picture of each of the things I get.

Also for this specific part I am not giving video proof because that will come later in a breakdown of Vashj'ir. For now, this is just picture proof of what I get and an average sale price of each of the items on my server. So, to start, let's take a look at my very first run.

30 Stormvine (37g)

28 Azshara's Veil (56g)

16 Volatile Life (80g)

38 Obsidium Ore (85g)

1 Volatile Earth (3g)

Total: 261g

This was a fairly average run, nothing too special about it and it wasn't bad by any means. This is the type of run you should pretty much always expect every time you log on your character in Vashj'ir.

This run was possibly the best run ever. I got a ton of herbs and mines from this run and I also found a rare spawn which I killed immediately and he dropped 23g plus Sussurating Treads of Shok'sharak which I can sell for at least 100g if not more. Combine the rare spawn with my total herbs/mines for this run and it is just a simply mind blowing total.

49 Obsidium Ore (110g)

32 Stormvine (40g)

22 Volatile Life (110g)

20 Azshara's Veil (40g)

1 Nightstone (12g)

1 Jasper (12g)

1 Zephyrite (7g)

1 Sussurating Treads of Shok'sharak (100g)

23g From the Rare

Total: 454g

41 Obsidium Ore (92g)

30 Azshara's Veil (60g)

21 Volatile Life (105g)

23 Stormvine (28g)

1 Volatile Earth (3g)

Total: 288g

38 Obsidium Ore (85g)

24 Stormvine (30g)

16 Azshara's Veil (32g)

5 Volatile Life (25g)

1 Zephyrite (7g)

Total: 179g

49 Obsidium Ore (110g)

24 Azshara's Veil (48g)

21 Stormvine (26g)

14 Volatile Life (70g)

2 Zephyrite (14g)

Total: 268g

Throughout all the runs that I documented here I made a total of 1450g, which equals out to an average of 290g per run.

Vashj'ir Farming Video

Vashj'ir Ore Math Page