Illusion Dust

One of the biggest money makers of level 60 stuff is Illusion Dust. I know for a fact that I can sell them for 17g each on my server and usually each green item disenchants into at least two or even three of them. That means a single green item could make you up to 50g without the Bountiful Bags perk. Of course you will want to keep your fingers crossed for Greater Eternal Essences instead of Illusion Dust since you can sell them for right around 50g each. It is nice to get a little bit of both though, so you're not waiting entirely on a single item to sell you can broaden it out.

Now a big thing with Illusion Dust is looking for retarded people and undercutters. Illusion Dust buyers don't ever just buy 1 and then go on their merry way, they scoop up like the entire Auction House when they want it. You will see a lot of undercutters when it comes to Illusion Dust, usually a few days of undercutters pile up if you don't buy them out and then one day there is no Illusion Dust on the Auction House because it all sold over night. You will want to keep an eye out for great deals though, like this one:

15 Illusion Dust for 130g. That is a total of 8g 60s per Illusion Dust and since I know I can sell them each for 17g that is a pretty nice profit. Unlike what you see in that picture, I highly recommend putting them up in singles since they will sell better and faster. Unlike a lot of other items people like buying stuff like this in singles. The more expensive an item gets the smaller the stacks you should put it up in. When buying something expensive people would rather pay in small increments than buy a large sum of it all at once. You can't argue this since it is basic psychology.

Generally I don't buy Illusion Dust since I get enough of it while farming LBRS or UBRS for the farming part of my guide. However, as mentioned before when you see a good deal, like in the picture above you just can't resist something like that. Also when you get a good deal like that it means you can start farming something else for different materials rather than Illusion Dust.

Out of all the items in this guide, Illusion Dust and Greater Eternals are usually the ones I hold on to the longest while waiting for them to sell. At any given time I usually have 2 - 5k of Illusion Dust and Greater Eternal Essences sitting on my Auction Character. Since Runecloth sells so much better then both you usually end up with a lot of enchanting materials. You shouldn't ever get worried though, with the abundance of twinks and people wanting to enchant their heirlooms, these items always become quickly in demand.

There is of course... a way out of being stuck with an adundance of Enchanting materials, but it will require you to have some unique rare patterns on your character with Enchanting. If you have any of the following patterns then you may just be in luck...

Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect (Thorium Brotherhood - Revered)


6 Large Brilliant Shards

5 Greater Eternal Essences

20 Illusion Dust


Enchant Chest - Greater Stats (Drop)


6 Illusion Dust

2 Large Brilliant Shards


Enchant Cloak - Superior Defense (Not as popular as others)


8 Illusion Dust

All three of those enchants are used for heirloom items, which I don't need to tell you how popular heirloom items are. If you're backed up on Enchanting materials you have an enchanter who can do any of those enchants then I recommend putting them on a scroll and trying to sell the enchant as well as whatever left over materials you may have. By the way before you say I forget Enchant XXX the list of those enchants are the ones that use the core 3 materials you will be getting from the farming runs, Illusion Dust, Greater Eternal Essences and Large Brilliant Shards. Since you won't have Essence of Air or other miscellaneous materials I am not listing those enchants.

Now, there is a time when you may run low on Enchanting materials and have an abundance of Runecloth. Just like there is a way out of having too many Enchanting materials, there is a way into getting out of having too much Runecloth and converting it to Enchanting materials!

What to do If Runecloth Isn't selling

If Runecloth isn't selling so well on your server you can make Runecloth into Runecloth Headbands with Tailoring. If you don't have Tailoring then you can easily enough just find a friend that does have Tailoring to do this for you. I don't recommend doing this with all of your Runecloth, even if the market is totally in the crapper. Only do this with about half so you still can sell Runecloth when the market recovers. Below is more information about the Runecloth Headband.

Runecloth Headband


6 Bolts of Runecloth

2 Rune Thread

That is all it takes in order to make the Runecloth Headband. The 6 Bolts of Runecloth will take 24 Runecloth in all to make, which is a really small investment for a shot at how much gold the DE table is worth on this baby. Illusion Dust goes for 17g each and you have a chance to get 2 of them, which would double how much you could sell the Runecloth stack for. 2 Greater Eternals would triple or even quadruple how much you could sell the Runecloth for and a Large Brilliant Shard would triple the price of the Runecloth stack. Below is a picture of the DE table.

Now, after hearing how much money you could make from Disenchanting the Runecloth Headband you're probably like, why not always make them and Disenchant them? Technically you could do that if Enchanting materials always sold on your server for good prices. But, in most cases Runecloth will sell much faster than the Enchanting materials. As I continue to say, you want to sell stuff fast. If you made all the Runecloth into Headbands and Disenchanted them you could be sitting on materials for months. It is best to split your markets evenly, A little bit of Enchanting materials, a little bit of Runecloth will net you the biggest profit.

My Guide To Farming Illusion Dust in LBRS/UBRS

Illusion Dust Video

Illusion Dust Tips

- Even if you have an abundance of Illusion Dust, still disenchant all green items you get from farming LBRS.

- If Illusion Dust is selling extremely fast on your server and you have an abundance of Runecloth make Runecloth Headbands and Disenchant them.

- If Illusion Dust isn't selling on your server and you have high end level 60 enchants that you can enchant on heirlooms enchant some Vellums and put them on the Auction House.

- Illusion Dust will always sell, never keep severly undercutting people to quickly get rid of yours.

As with all of my guides below you can find the math page that I have for Illusion Dust. Now since Illusion Dust is slightly more of a pain in the butt to sell than other materials on that page I also have pictures of all my high end level 60 enchants selling as well as the Illusion Dust.

Illusion Dust Math Page