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Outlands Herbs

Since there is really no point in making an individual page for each of the herbs you will be finding in Botanica, I figured I'd combine them on a single page. Now believe it or not but Botanica will give you pretty much every single herb you could find throughout Outlands. For this reason, having Herbalism while farming here will dramatically increase your hourly profits. Being able to open yourself to an entirely new market, one that is in demand because of players raising Alchemy and Inscription will allow you access to buyers you normally wouldn't have access too.

There are 6 different types of herbs that I counted which you will find here. Technically only five of them have ground spawns throughout the instance but you are able to gather the end boss, Warp Splinter who very commonly gives you the 5th type of herb, Mana Thistle. Now of course certain herbs here will sell better than others but that doesn't mean you should ignore them! I have noticed that Netherbloom sells the most and for the most, usually pushing 70 - 80g a stack. Dreaming Glory seems to sell the second best of all the herbs, usually for twice the amount of Felweed.

Felweed is the next best seller, usually going for 18 - 22g a stack depending on the market. The next best selling herb is Terocone, which usually goes for 25g a stack but sometimes can be difficult to sell. Ancient Lichen is next for roughly 16 - 18g a stack. Mana Thistle, surprisingly is the worst selling herb of them all. Since it is only used in high end level 70 recipes and barely anyone makes them anymore, it has the smallest market of all the herbs. As a quick recap, below you can find all of the herbs in the order I just listed that you will find in Botanica.


List of Outlands Herbs


Dreaming Glory



Ancient Lichen

Mana Thistle

In addition to all of those herbs you will also get Motes of Life, but I just vendor them since really no one wants them at all anymore. Besides what I have already told you though, there isn't much more about the Outlands herbs to say. If you're unclear with anything just watch my video, I go through a lot of detail in there explaining anything that was unclear in this guide or that I may have accidentally left out. In closing, here is a map of Botanica with a mark in each area you will find a herb. I know you can see them on your mini map anyway but gosh darn I want to make a pretty map!

Above is a picture of Botanica, click on the map in order to enlarge it and make it easier to read and understand. In the upper right hand of the map you will find a key, each X on the map is in a different color based on what it represents.

Now as with all of my guides, the final thing you will find on each page is a link to the math pages for each of the items mentioned in the guide. This page is here to prove to you that the items sell for how much I say that they do. Mainly these pages are just here for anyone that thinks I am a liar when I make my 10k an hour claims. If you've already gotten past this childish immaturity then the pages are completely useless to you!

Outland Herbs Math Pages

Netherbloom Math Page

Dreaming Glory Math Page

Felweed Math Page

Terocone Math Page

Ancient Lichen Math Page

Mana Thistle Math Page