Volatile Water

For Volatile Water I actually wasn't able to find any pictures of unique sales or super good deals because during the entire month long period I was writing this guide the Volatile Water market was going completely crazy. One day it was at 7g each the next day 18g then it would stay at 18g for a week, making me regret not buying them for 7g, then it would drop down to 7g, I'd stock up on 200 of the bad boys and the market didn't budge for two weeks until I finally was able to resell them for 11g each 2 weeks later. This is very untypical and I have no idea what was going on to cause these market crashes but I was unable to get a good set of pictures during this time.

The one thing that I can say, however, is that you should always be checking the prices of all Volatiles on your server for good deals tdo buy and resell the items. When the market was stable I was able to get 11g per Volatile Water, so that is the average I will be using throughout this guide. Now, when the market was in the crapper what I did was keep my Alchemist, Zelik, logged off in Vashj'ir and every day I would log her on and transmute Volatile Life into Volatile Water for damn good money.

Just like Volatile Air, you want to check the Volatile Water and Fire markets every time you log on your Auction House character. Don't hesitate to buy a deal if you see one, usually there is always someone that loads Volatile Water up on the Auction House for dirt cheap prices at sometime. I have noticed it usually tends to be people who bot Fishing. They will bot Fishing for a few days then drop all their Volatile Water on the Auction House for insanely low prices, which I scoop up immediately and sell for more.

Without many pictures there isn't much for me to say on Volatile Water, so, most of the information for this Volatile will be in the video that I am making for each item in this guide. You can listen to my narration of that video and such which is on this page. Also since the prices for this item were so random during this time I was unable to even make a math page for the item. However, I will hopefully be updating the Volatile Water page to make it more like all of the other pages soon, depending on what the market does since with 4.2 it is going even more haywire than it was before.

Volatile Water Video