Auction House Proof

This section of the guide is to prove to you that the Auction House makes me as much money as I say it does and also the totals you see in this section will be a majority of the 10k an hour guide. I am going to seperate the sections by 10 minutes each, giving you 5 sections for a nice average of everything that sold. Proving how much money the Auction House makes you is extremely difficult since the amount of sales you make are always all over the place. You could sell 8,000g worth of items in 5 minutes and then sell nothing for two hours but if you branch out that 8,000g across 2 hours combined with the farming guides which I show above you will still make 10k an hour.

To start off we will cover the first 10 minutes that I show for this proof section. You will need to click on these pictures to make them larger.

I started this picture the second I saw Infinite Dust starting to sell on the Auction House. As you can see I show the time on the Infinite Dust as well as the server time in the upper right hand corner. The server time will show you im not manipulating the picture in any way. Now a little bit after the Infinite Dust started to sell I made another set of sales...

That set of sales is huge and happens every once in awhile when people decide "Hey, let's level a Rogue and buy some Heirloom Enchants!". Besides that though no more sales happened within the 10 minutes that I was taking these pictures.

That is the first example of how much gold you will make off the Auction House in just 10 minutes. This is rather common and to prove it is rather common you can just take a look at the very next 10 minutes which followed this... But first, let's get the totals from this.

In the 10 minutes in between all of those pictures I made a total of 2579g. Now, in order to make 10k an hour all you need to make is roughly 1.6k - 1.7k every 10 minutes. I made close to double that in 10 minutes, which still using logic would be right around 10k an hour unless I could maintain that 2.5k every 10 minutes (which is possible, especially on a weekend but extremely difficult).

Total: 2579g In 10 minutes

Now, let's take a look at the second set of pictures for the Auction House...

As you can see I started these shortly after having the Enchant Weapons sell, I went roughly 10 minutes without any sales and then bam instantly I made 500g off of two Volatile Life sales. After taking the picture I sat around for a bit, keeping my fingers crossed that other stuff was going to start selling and it did! Someone was leveling Enchanting through Burning Crusade materials and started to scoop up all of mine on the Auction House!

They started out with Greater Planar Essences then moved on over to Arcane Dust.

That is all that sold within these past 10 minutes. Here is a picture proving to you that nothing else sold: (I know, you don't really need this but hey, I'm trying to be as accurate as possible here!)

It took so long in between both pictures because I was trying to update my website with the information as well as take the pictures on the Auction House as well as keep an eye on it. But, anyway, let's do the math for everything that just sold...

Total: 1647g In 10minutes

This was much more of an average 10 minutes than the above pictures because I got lucky in them with enchant sales. Now you may be like, 1.6 is less than 10k an hour! Well, yes, it is... Especially if all you're doing is camping the Auction House and watching it. Now let's say you were farming LBRS during the 10 minutes when everything was selling, you can just add 500g to that total since LBRS takes roughly 20 minutes and nets a 1,000g profit with each run. Or if you want to take a lowball estimate, look at Botanica, that takes right around 10 minutes and is roughly a 200g profit. Factor that into the 1600g and it is 1800g in 10 minutes.

The key to this guide is to be making money on one character while also making money on your Auction House character. Say you only make 800g through the Auction House in 10 minutes but you also manage to make 400g farming on one character while things are selling on the Auction House. Add that up and you get 1200g in the 10 minutes instead of just one of those two numbers. That is how this guide works.

It's quite funny that each time I take a set of pictures I get another full set done right after because items just keep selling. While I was doing the math for the above pictures my Azshara's Veil started to sell and then the main person that buys my Netherweave Cloth logged on and cleared out my entire supply of Netherweave Cloth on the Auction House. Also while Netherweave Cloth was selling someone started to scoop up my Stormvine.

Above is a picture of all the Azshara's Veil that sold. One entire page, there weren't any more sales above or below that. After taking this picture, Darthgap, my Netherweave Cloth buyer logged on and bought out every single stack of Netherweave Cloth I had on the Auction House, all of which can be seen in the pictures below.,

The above picture is a picture of all my Netherweave Cloth starting to sell on the Auction House. Right below this sentence is even more Netherweave Cloth sales mixed in with Stormvine, which you will be getting a ton of through farming Vashj'ir in my guides.

All of my Stormvine was pretty much bought out but I still had a ton of Netherweave left to sell! P.S I carefully counted the Netherweave to make sure I didn't repeat any stacks when giving a total at the end here. And let's face it, even if I did repeat a stack, do you honestly thinkg 13g is going to make a difference in making 10k an hour?

As you can see I had a ton of Netherweave Cloth on the Auction House, so it just keeps selling and selling and selling. If you're wondering why he is buying so much, it is to make Netherweave Bags and sell them for more on the Auction House. Now, the reason I am not doing that is because he is doing that. Without him making the bags I wouldn't have as many Netherweave sales, we work together to make each other lots of money, in other words. Without me he wouldn't make as much gold, without him I wouldn't make as much gold.

Also, if I started making Netherweave Bags I would have to find something to do during the time my character sat there and crafted 400 Netherweave Bolts every day. Which I have a hard enough time finding something to do when I buy out Thorium Ore and smelt it into Thorium Bars to sell for more let alone having to do something like that two times.

The two pictures inbetween this sentence are the last two of all my Netherweave Cloth sales and I even sold a few other items at the end of the picture below.

That is the end of those 10 minutes. Now, since all I am doing right now is sitting and watching the Auction House I am losing some of the money that I could be making by farming at the same time (I hope you're happy!) Also I just sold all of my Frostweave while typing this sentence, (Which it is selling for 70g a stack right now =O) and as you can see from the above pictures I sold all of the Netherweave I had on the Auction House. For this reason I am going to take about a two hour break in between these pictures to farm more stuff to sell. (That is the reason I am letting you know).

Making this guide as accurate and truthful as possible is my goal. Anyway, enough blibber blabber, let's do the math for the Netherweave Cloth sales!

Total: 1070g Profit in 10 minutes

Now since I am taking a short break inbetween the set of pictures which can be found above and the ones which are below, let's take a complete total of the gold earned from the 3 sets of pictures which was roughly 30 minutes in length. The totals for the 3 sets of screenshots were 2579g, 1647g and 1070g. As you notice, they progressively decrease, this is because during the period of time all of the items that sold I didn't/couldn't put more up on the Auction House since I was busy writing this guide at the same time and doing the math of the three sets of pictures.

Also I wasn't farming at the same time to feed the Auction House with more loot as well as further increasing my totals. These totals are ONLY for the Auction House and if you were farming at the same time they would be drastically higher. (Say you were farming LBRS, a total profit of 1,000g in 20 minutes, then a Botanica run in 10 minutes for a total of 200g while all those items were selling. That would give you an increase of 399g to each of those totals if you spread the amount made out amongst all of them).

Anyway, if you add all of those totals up it comes out to 5296g in 30 minutes. If I was able to farm during that same time and didn't have to camp the Auction House for pictures then it would be a total of 6496g in 30 minutes (add in an extra 80g if I actually counted vendor trash in my totals). Now, 6496g in 30 minutes would come out to...

12992g an hour!

But, I am not going to stop there, I will continue with two more sets of pictures to get a nice solid average of what you can expect to make from the Auction House every 10 minutes. As for my next set of pictures, a lot of goodies managed to sell in 10 minutes, let's start off with the very first set of items that sold...

At the start of this 10 minute cycle I started to sell a little bit of Frostweave, then my Netherweave buyer logged on and cleared every piece of Netherweave that I had up on the Auction House, which wasn't much this time around. This was a small amount of money gained compaired to what sold next...

More Netherweave is sold in this picture, which is all of the Netherweave that I put up on the Auction House. Also at the end here I sell a Mighty Intellect enchant which is a massive amount of gold when that bad boy sells. I had to wait a little bit inbetween the Mighty Intellect sale and the Embersilk Cloth sales of the next picture...

One thing that I mention in my guide is to announce when you put something on the Auction House, which I actually did announce that I had Embersilk Cloth up for sale (dirt cheap prices I said) because Embersilk is selling for 70g a stack atm on my server. Which is just too insane of a price for me to bother even asking for so what I am selling it for in this picture is pretty much a steal.

In this picture I sell a ton of Volatile Life, pretty much all I gathered earlier in the day from Vashj'ir farming. I probably could have gotten more for it but there wasn't a single piece of Volatile Life up on the Auction House when I put those up, so I just wanted them to sell extremely fast for slightly above the price I know I can usually get for them.

I started to type up my guide for these 10 minutes but then I had some Potions of Tol'vir sell. They didn't really make me a lot of money but they are worth factoring into the totals since every gold counts! I figured that would be it for my sales this time around but I was wrong, when I tabbed back into the game I realized that I had even more that sold!

The Potions of Tol'vir are repeats in that picture but the other 4 items are the final things that sold before the 10minutes was concluded. The Zephyrite's were part of the Jewelcrafting Daily that day and Chimera's Eye is what I turn my Jewelcrafter's Tokens in for to sell. With that being the entire 10 minute period, let's look at the totals for how much I made!

Total: 2836g profit in 10 minutes!

Now, for the final set of pictures... This set of sales started with Obsidium Ore not to long after I did the above pictures for all those sales. I was a wee bit slow to snap pictures of them, as you can see they are already 4 minutes into the sale, so we will start our 10 minute timer with only 6 minutes remaining.

Someone scooped up every single stack of Obsidium Ore that I had on the Auction House, the 9 stacks in the above picture followed by the 4 stacks in the picture below. The 5th stack in the picture below is a repeat, that is why it is highlighted to prevent any confusion. (Hey, I'm, not trying to lie or mislead you here)!

While I was uploading the pictures two stacks of Large Brilliant Shards sold, giving me another nice profit. The stacks of Large Brilliant Shards in the picture below are both repeats of the picture above, so if you're adding everything up with me, don't bother counting them!

After the Large Brilliant Shard sales someone started to scoop up all the Embersilk Cloth that I had left on the Auction House.

That completely covers the final 10 minutes of my Auction House proof section. Now, if you don't sell as much as me every 10 minutes don't get discouraged. Sometimes I will sell 5,000g worth of stuff in 5 minutes and another time I may sell that much over the course of 5 hours. The thing to keep in mind is that no matter what it will generally always equal out to be right around 10k an hour even if you make 2k for 4 hours in a row then 20k for the next 5 hours when everyone starts logging on.

Anyway, let's look at the total that I made from these 10 minutes and then the grand total for the entire 50 minutes that I documented of my Auction House sales.

Total: 2368g profit in 10 minutes!

That is the last 10 minute total that I am documenting for this guide. As you can see this was another really good 10 minutes using the Auction House, which should give you the impression that this is rather common to happen. Just if something like this doesn't happen every 10 minutes, don't give up. Keep trying and I promise you the one time you hit big with the Auction House and everything else, use that number and average it out across when things didn't sell and you'll get your 10k an hour (If not more).

Total Profit: 10,500g in 50 minutes

Now, I proved not only over 10k gold in less than an hour, I proved over 10k gold without even farming while waiting for the auctions to sell. Notice I am not renaming this guide at all either, after proving this total without any way for anyone to dispute it. This is because I am pretty much the master at making gold. Breaking 10k an hour might not be typical for you, especially if your server population is extremely low. However, if your server population is extremely high then it might be stupidly easy to make well over 10k an hour.

Factor in how much gold I can make from the Auction House in 60 minutes followed by how much gold I can make in an hour while farming, I generally push around 15k an hour! By the way, incase it matters, the numbers above average out to 2100g every 10 minutes from the Auction House.