Volatile Air

Volatile Air is probably the best Volatile when it comes to making profit using this method. I know for a fact that I can sell Volatile Air for 19g each (that is making a 19g profit totally, I put it up for 19g 99s so I get at least 18g 90s back when it sells). Knowing I can make this profit I buy any and all Volatile Air out that is 16g or less. Occasionally I will buy out Volatile Air that is 17g each if they're trying to undercut the hell out of me, I have to teach them who is boss, after all. After logging on my Auction House character the first thing I check is Embersilk Cloth, buy all of that out that is lower than the price I sell it at and then I check Volatile Air. Just like me, this should be your second priority.

When it comes to looking for deals on the Auction House I generally look at Auctioneer's % color, blue means HOLY CRAP BUY IT OUT IMMEDIATELY in most cases, Green means check the math and yellow means most likely leave it alone. It depends on your server and your servers market. You should NEVER always listen to an addon. It'd be almost as dumb as blindly listening to a TomTom and driving around endlessly in circles. To start off, here is the first Volatile Air deal that I took a picture of before I bought it.

The green caught my attention so I quickly did the math and realized that the single price of each Volatile Air was 13g 80s and I know for a fact that I can sell them for 19g each. I bought the stack of 36 for 500g and I will get a total of 684g from it, which is a total profit of 184g in less than 5 seconds. It only took a few hours to sell but here is the profit of all the Volatile Air I bought (the stack of 36). P.S There was no point in taking multiple screenshots of the same amount sold, I figured one would do. At least you're seeing them sold for the price I said they would.

A few days later browsing the Auction House I stumbled into the best Volatile Air deal that I have ever seen in my life. I was so excited about seeing the deal I didn't even bust out my calculator to confirm that my eyes weren't deceiving me with the prices I saw. I went "Hot shit! What a deal!" Here is the picture I took just seconds before snatching it up.

85 Volatile Air for 850g. That is a mere 10g for Volatile Air, even a monkey could make profit off of that. Knowing that I can sell each Volatile Air for 19g that will make that purchase a 765g profit! Now taking a look at the Volatile Air market with my Volatiles up I noticed people have started to undercut one another, getting pretty bad towards the end too. They are down to 16g 95s at the far low end.

Now this may worry some people, but it doesn't worry me one bit. Volatile Air occasionally plumits and then resets pretty much over night. It is important that you don't freak out and try to unload what you have for less. Keep your cool and hold onto them and wait for them to sell at the price you know they sell at. Now you may be curious as to why I am not buying the Volatile Air on the Auction House at 16g, well it just isn't worth it to me yet. I'd make roughly a 1g 90s profit from buying the 16g 95s Volatile Air out. All I am doing now is waiting for someone else to undercut the 16g 95s guy and then someone to undercut him.

When the prices get into the 15g range I will start scooping them up. Since I now already have 85 Volatile Air that I need to unload it wouldn't be smart to buy even more, even if the profit is 2 to 3g each. Like I always say, the key to doing this is to get rid of items as fast as possible. You don't want to be holding onto any one item for very long.

As far as Volatile Air goes though, there isn't really much I can teach you about buying and reselling it. Just always check the Auction House for it, every time you log on your auction character. That is what I do and every few days I usually stumble across a great deal, like the ones that I have shown on this page. By the time I manage to unload all of the Volatile Airs from the previous deal I usually run across another equally as good one. Persistence prevails.

Volatile Air Farming Video

Volatile Air Tips

- Always check the Auction House for Volatile Air when surfing it

- NEVER unload your Volatile Air because you're scared for a lower price. Hold true to your prices. Remember, if you were dumb enough to buy it for that price someone else is dumb enough to buy it for that price too.

- Always check for what new patches are going to bring. If they are going to mess with your prices either buy a lot of Volatile Air if they are going up or sell all of it if you think they are going to plumit.

- Don't do deals. If someone wants to buy all of your Volatile Air for a reduced price don't do it. If you do you're going to feel pretty stupid when you see him selling them on the AH a day later for more than he bought them for.

Now, since at the end of every guide just so people can't say I'm a liar or a fake, I am going to supply a link to a page specifically for showing all of the sales of the item that the page pertains to. I refer to it as my "math" section. I will supply enough pictures on this page from many different buyers to prove that I am not full of it and that they actually really do sell for that price.

Volatile Air Math Page