Volatile Fire

Now let me start off by saying I really hate buying and reselling Volatile Fire. The market for this Volatile is so inconsistant it isn't even funny on my server. One day they will be up for an average of 9g each, the next day they will be selling for 16g each and then the following day they will be at 6g each. I don't like partaking in things that jump around that much because it makes it extremely easy to get stuck with a lot of an item that is completely worthless and you have to unload it for a craptastic amount. Much like the Hypnotic Dust market, the Volatile Fire market requires patience. It may be at 6g one day like I said, but it will eventually get up to a stupid amount when someone goes and buys them all out.

Much like Hypnotic Dust, don't put all your eggs in one basket with Volatile Fire. Take it slow and take it easy when buying it out. I only recommend ever having 100 on you at once, that would be my cap any more than that I would be a little sick to my stomach and low on morale trying to get them to sell. That may not sound so bad but when you pass on a good deal in the future because you got stuck with a stupid amount of a certain item it will really hurt your profits. Here is a good deal of Volatile Fire that I actually did go through with buying...

After seeing it and doing the math it came out to 8g 90s for each one, or close to it. It stood out to me since all of the singles were going for 11g at the time. Unlike most of my other auctions I put them up, undercutting the singles since I am scared of getting stuck with even 14 Volatile Fire. Within seconds I got undercut, not by much but still a lot faster than I was hoping.

It only took a few hours for my Volatile Fire to sell and then I seen a deal that I couldn't resist on the Auction House in the form of Volatile Fire... I don't recommend people doing what I did for this buy unless you really know the market and know what you're doing but the profits you could make from this type of buy are insane. Take a look:

That totals to 1590g for 200 Volatile Fire. They cost roughly 7g 95s each at that price and I can sell them for at least 10g but it will probably take awhile. That is a 3g 5s profit for each one, not including the Auction House cut. So it will probably be more like a 2g 50s profit for each. When I finally manage to sell the entire stack of Volatile Fire I will have made a profit of 500g. (posted later) I was actually able to sell the Volatile Fire a lot faster then I was expecting for more then what I was expecting.

I'm not going to change the totals that I calculated earlier since this was rather rare and the market must have really been hurting. Also this proves my point that the Volatile Fire market is really wacky. I bought the full stack for a dirt cheap price(compaired to what I sold them for), which at the time was actually an "Uhh should I do this?" type of deal. I got extremely lucky, there is no doubt about that. But, with all that information aside you should have a good idea of how the Volatile Fire market works now.

Volatile Fire Video

Volatile Fire Tips

- Be careful with this market, it is a tricky one and can be either really rewarding or kick you square in the private parts

- If Volatile Fire is going for dirt cheap prices, look both ways before you buy it out. Check to see why it is so cheap. As I mentioned before getting stuck with these is quite easy.

- If Volatile Fires prices are up on your server and you have some Volatile Life you can do Transmute Living Elements to Fire and sell them. In order to do this transmute and guarantee fire you will need to be in Hyjal.

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